Published On : Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016

Amul takes potshot at Arnab Goswami in its latest ad


New Delhi: Now that popular journalist Arnab Goswami has resigned from his post of Editor-in-Chief in Times Now news channel, the world of social media is trending high on comments, jokes and many other serious talks on this man. However the most exciting part is that famous milk product brand Amul has also acknowledged this event in its new ad. This is perhaps for the first time Amul has picked up a journalist in its ad which remains focussed on current affairs. Amul has given Arnab an interesting sendoff in this ad.

Meanwhile, many sources in the organisation said he might start a news channel with politician and entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar and American media baron Rupert Murdoch. It was also rumoured that Goswami might join the popular UK news organisation, Fox News. Without him, the quality of TV news would have been slightly more serious (and less hilarious) but without him, TV news would have been unwatchable.

He has astutely mixed entertainment (and background music) with news while making us see ten different faces in one debate. Our earbuds may have slightly been less damaged but it is better than hearing the regular self-loathing from his competitors or watching any other reality TV shows.

It is to Arnab’s credit that he has become what he has. There is no doubt that he knows he has changed the way English news channels cater to the Indian public. Whether that has been good or bad for the stability of the media or the health of the general viewer, one can only debate.

It is with much interest and focus that his journey beyond Times Now will be tracked but it is also true that it is not Arnab’s but Times Group’s loss that he decided to become his own man and pursue his own ambitions. How and in what form that would happen is what the nation really wants to know right now.