Published On : Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

Alternative Therapy : Know how Kerala panchkarma cured man ailing from chronic backache!

Dr. Nitesh Khonde
Nagpur: Treating a patient cannot be a ‘touch n go’ thing ever. It is not like that doctors are chanting few things and are just making miracles in seconds. Or in other words its not as simple as SRK just throwing his arms in air and the heroine rushing towards him. It can be as difficult as teaching Suresh Raina to play short of the length balls on bouncy pitches overseas. In fact, treatment of a patient may be a long, tiring process which may test patience of a doctor as well as patients and their family members.

Something similar to this happened in the case of a patient, Raj Shrivastav. A 30 year old, Raj came to me with the complaint of back pain. His father was Subhedar in Army and had similar backache. He also had an operation then and faced few complications in those service days. After 30 years, same problem was witnessed in his son. The pain was so severe that he had almost lost sensation in one leg and he was literally unable to walk or do any activity using that leg. Raj had severe cramps continuously, low sensation and it was difficult for him even to just stand. Some of his acquaintances told him about me and one day he reached to the clinic. He was witnessing pain in waist and back and there were symptoms of sciatica. Before coming to me he had already taken treatments at various Allopathic doctors. But according to Raj almost all doctors suggested him an operation at the end of the treatment. He was reluctant for that and apparently even scared of. He was also aware about the complexities an operation may create even to the extent of paralysis in the lower body. An operation would have caused him loss of sensation, urinating even, along with other complications.

When he came to our hospital, his MRI was already done. In MRI it was found that, there is compression in L4 and L5. Also there was some compression in L5-S1. The compression was certainly severe and the nerve had got compressed on Left side. slight Stenosis and Lordosis was also seen in his case. The spinal bones had got bent. When I checked I found that treatment can be done successfully and patient can be cured totally. But the complete treatment needed the period of at least 4 to 6 weeks. I made it clear to the patient and his relatives. As they agreed for it, we decided to go on with the treatment . Immediately next day we started the treatment with Abhyangam steam in first week. That helped us to analyse the entire body and find out the exact spot where the problem was as well as how severe it is. Next step was to start Elakazhi or Potali massage. It included the use of medicines herbs of around 10 to 15 types . We did the massage of back and body. This was done to increase the circulation in back, to end the pain existing there and also to remove stiffness in spinal bones.

This massage was also useful to end the compression in back and also to reverse the anatomical positions which had got changed. We also set the vertebra in its original place and also increased the lubrication there. While increasing the lubrication, we tried to strengthen the muscles, ligament and tendons so that vertebra position could stay intact at its original position. Along with this we tried to give strength to spongy tissues and inter vertebra as well as to increase their lubrication and stability was increased. There was some pinching and we rectified that problem also. After this were started the Nasyam process for the brain development & detoxify the nervous system. Due to the drops put in through nose, strength of nervous system was also increased. This on one hand did the detoxification of the body and increased the strength of spinal chord. This also helped in reducing the cramps occurring due to compression. Elakizhi helped in straightening the spine and reducing the Lordosis developed there.

Along with this, we started the Vasthi ( Enema ) using different liquids examining Naadi of patients. We gave Kashay Vasti as well as Neeruh Vasthi. Pakwashaya is the Mool Sthana ( roots ) of Vata and bones. Pain in the body occures due to Vata and hence it can be reduced by removing & reducing the Vata problem. Due to wasthi, Vata got decreased and that also increased the strength of bones.

Seven days of Elakizhi, Nasyam and Vasthi gave good result and Raj’s condition got improved by almost 20 to 25 percent. Depending on these positive results, we decided to give Kati Vasthi to him to increase the lubrication. In this process, a round of Urad Dal is made on the back and oil is poured in it according to Naadi. To increase the lubrication and strength, that oil was kept on the back for around 30 to 35 minutes. Daily process of Kati Wasti helped to increased lubrication and strength as well as to reduced the compression there. Local Elakizhi helped to removed remaining compression and thus end the stiffness as well as to anatomical abnormalities. After two weeks, we found that patient’s condition has improved upto 40 to 45 percent.

In the third and fourth weeks same treatments were continued and we got success in making patients normal upto 85 percent. As the fifth week started, we found that Raj has less sensation in his legs and also there were some cramps. Hence we started Navrakizhi which helped in increasing the strength of nervous system and rejuvenating it. This also ended feelings of pain and cramps. In Last week, we continued similar treatments till the end of the process.

In addition to this, Raj was also given some medicines to increase lubrication, digestion, bones’ strengths and to avoid further problems. After one and half month, the patient got completely cured and that proved the utility of the treatment we chose for the specific case. As a doctor, I feel very satisfied that for more than one year now, Raj has faced absolutely no problem and is completely cured. In fact, his father now has also started the treatment. A new test match begins.

Dr Nitesh Khonde
Consultant & physician kerala ayurvedic panchkarma
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