Published On : Mon, Mar 9th, 2015

Alternate day water supply in West, South & Central Nagpur Extended till March 14

Alternate day supply schedule from 10 ESR’s and 2 GSR’s extended as Gorewada Lake level is still at 312.70 mtr

Lake 9.3.2015
Nagpur: Now, residents of West, South-West, South and Central Nagpur will have to receive alternate day water supply till March 14.

Reason, the Gorewada lake level presently is at 312.70mtrs which is too less and there is hardly a day’s reserve of water remaining in the lake. . Due to this drastic drop in the level, water supply to Gorewada WTP’s and subsequently to West, South and Central Nagpur has got drastically affected and these areas will get alternate day water supply till March 14.

Earlier NMC-OCW jointly have announced the schedule of alternate day water supply from March 4 to 10, which now has been extended till March 14.

It may be mentioned here, the repair work on the 23Km Navegaon-Khairi Right Bank Canal is almost complete and the normal raw water pumping has been resumed from Mahadula headworks, but it will still take few more days before the normal daily pumping can be resumed from Gorewada WTP’s.

The reason being that it will take another five more days to ensure that there is sufficient reserve of water at the Gorewada lake.

Hence it is imperative that to have minimum required water reserve at Gorewada lake the alternate day water supply will be continued till March 14, 2015. The normal daily water supply will resume from 15th of March’2015.

Lake 9.3.15
OCW and NMC have thanked citizens for their co-operation in last many days of alternate day supply and have further appealed citizens to co-operate till March 14 and store sufficient water for their use during supply days.

It may be mentioned that the breach, which was one of the biggest experienced in last few years, occurred on Feb 25 afternoon, was on both sides of the canal and is approximately 100 feet in length. Following which the gates at the Navegaon –Khairy Dam were closed 12 Noon on Feb 25.

Due to that breach water level at Gorewada Lake dropped from 315.08 (on Feb 25, 2015) to 313.90 mtrs (March 2, 2015) to 312.70 meter on March 9, 2015

Despite that OCW and NMC experts are trying its level best to minimize the inconvenience to the citizens by properly managing the water supply system, but just because for such critical situation of Gorewada the water supply to Gorewada WTP’s Pench-I, II, III and subsequently to the West, South-West and South and Central Nagpur will remain affected till March 14.

Due to this reasons NMC-OCW has planned to provide alternate day water supply but with full pressure to citizens of these areas.
The inconvenience caused to citizens of West, South-West, Central and South Nagpur is deeply regretted. For any other information or complaints regarding water supply please contact
OCW Toll Free Number: 1800-266-9899