Published On : Mon, Dec 8th, 2014

All pro-Vidarbha and Farmers issues will be discussed and Bills passed during Assembly claimed Eknath Khadse

Eknath Khadse defends CM’s absence: claims he has gone for the interest of the state 274257-eknath-kadse

Nagpur: Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse addressing a press meet on the eve of Winter Session 2014. Earlier Parliamentary Affairs Minister Girish Bapat grave a brief introduction of the issues that will be dwelt by Eknath Khadse.

Eknath Khadse, while defending Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ absence said that since the meeting of all Chief Ministers called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was an emergent and important one since he was going to plead for the welfare of the state, he could not be present for the meeting scheduled on November 7, 2014.

Eknath Khadse went on to say that this is the first Winter Session of BJP and many important issues will be discussed and many Bills will be presented. Some of the main and important issues will include various financial aids to Vidarbha.

He explained that pressing issues like Farmers’ suicide in Vidarbha and Maharashtra, Drought in 19-24 villages etc will be considered. He claimed that they have various plans and proposals for the consideration of the ministers. However, he added that some decisions have already been taken. Waiver of 21.5% on power for farmers, loan waivers, relaxation in the recovery of loans, scholarships for students (farmers’ children), Waiver of Examination fees of the students, Employment opportunities, Schemes for irrigation etc.

BJP will instill Maximum Government and Maximum Governance: Khadse

He claimed that while some issues are still with the Central Government pending approval for example the erection of Shivaji Maharaj’s statue etc. While explaining that he said that He had already met Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Jawdekar who informed about the approval and clearance of the ministry of environment and forests for the installation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s statue in the Arabian Sea in Mumbai.

Eknath Khadse claimed that issues like changes in Labour Laws, MIDC development, Trade and Industry, etc will be discussed and laws passed.

Cotton, Soyabean, Milk

While explaining and justifying about the Cotton procurement and the rate affixed by the government, he said that China is the country which was one of biggest purchaser of our cotton. However, this year, they have refused our cotton. However, in order that the farmers should not suffer because of the lack of market and sale of the cotton, the State Government has decided to buy the cotton themselves and therefore the rate is less. However, he claimed that the Government is mulling about paying an interim bonus to the farmers.

The Government is mulling about giving some subsidy on Milk. Even though the price of Diesel has gone down by Rs 8, the milk is still sold at a high cost only. Therefore transport is not the cause of the hike in price of milk. It is the middlemen’s commission. The government is planning to do something whereby the consumers and the farmers both are benefitted.

Other Issues

Some of the other issue which are to be tabled and debated over are the law on Maratha Muslims, Special benefits to Adivasi families, Ashram Shalas, issue of change in the name of a few Universities in Maharashtra, Laws on conversion of Agriculture to Non-Agriculture Land, Laws on Election of Cooperative Societies, etc.

Financial Deficit

While explaining all the projects, he said that our expenses are possible if and only if we have adequate finances. Eknath Khadse claimed that as of date, the state is in Rupees three lakh thousand crores debt and has Rs 26,000 crores revenue deficit. However, we are trying to reduce all expenses by 40%. He added that without taking loans, we will not be able to run the government.

While answering some questions of the media personnel, he said that issues on water will also be discussed. Especially issues of Water for Mumbai and exploring the possibility of acquiring water from Konkan to Mumbai. He claimed that as many as 18 projects have been sanctioned.

While answering another question about projects sanctioned by the previous government, he said that they will stop all those projects which are with ulterior motives and are area specific. Only those projects which are in the interest of the State and the masses will be approved and funds sanctioned.