Published On : Wed, Aug 10th, 2016

Alert Nagpur! Beware from fraud ‘friends’ on social media!

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 A peculiar trend of getting cheated on social media sites in the name of friendship has been fast gripping Nagpur, especially the city youths and teens. Data from cyber crime cell shows that most of the people who were cheated on social media in various ways including money andexpensive gifts, were first trapped into friendship and then their trust was broken with unexpected frauds.

Remarkable rise in fad for virtual friendship on social media is to blame for the situation, sources said. In this world today, comments and likes have taken priority in friendship over some true friend coming forward to help someone in need. As a result, in spite of having innumerable friends in the facebook, we seem to be very lonely. If this is not enough, in the rush to make many friends, many youngsters end up choosing the wrong friends which often leads to disastrous results.

Lately many cases of youngsters duped in the name of friendship have been registered in the Cyber Crime Cell of Nagpur Police.On their part, Cyber Crime Cell is active and has apprehended many such tricksters involved in such crimes. However, the injuries or scars caused by the incident of being duped in the name of friendship, seems to be negligible or impossible.

According to Cyber Crime Cell, 90% cases registered in Cyber Crime Cell pertain to those who have been duped in the guise of friendship. Not only this, in many cases, the modesty and reputation of many girls or ladies too get severely marred.

Many get duped in the friendships or relationships which are established and progressed on Social Networking Sites. Many cases that have come to fore include marriage proposals, expensive imported gifts and fleecing of large amounts from bank accounts and thus duping innocent people.

Many people avoid even lodging police complaints for fear of losing reputation, as a result of which many organized crime takes place.

On the other hand, it also become difficult for resolving or apprehending offenders when crimes are committed using social networking sites like facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Skype. This is because the servers of all these social networking sites are located in foreign countries making it impossible to apprehend the offenders.

With this background, it could be easily summarized that it is best to take precaution while using these social networking sites.
Cyber Crime Cell has been striving to create awareness among city youth, students and teenagers to prevent them from becoming victims of cyber crime. However, still many seem to be falling prey to these unscrupulous elements or gangs.

Cyber Crime on the rise
According to the Cyber Crime Cell, the numbers of cases where youth have been duped in the guise of friendship on social siteshave increased incredibly. From 2013 to June of this year (2016) the numbers of cases registered are 189. Of this 90% cases exclusively pertain to those who were duped in the name of friendship where the victims had suffered financial loss.
However, the Cyber Crime Cell has solved nearly 75% of these cases and has apprehended 153 accused. The cops of Cyber Crime Cell has also seized all the cash and goods duped by the offenders from the victims.

The cops register cases against the offenders under Section 354 and 509 of Indian Penal Code for molestation and threatening. Apart from this the cops also add Sections of 67 of Internet Technology Act 2009 for making pornographic content and storing in PC.

Usually Rigorous Imprisonment of 3-5 years and financial penalties of Rs 5-10 lakhs for those offenders penalized under these sections of Indian Penal Code. The even the cops of Cyber Cell advice the users of Internet to be cautious to avoid unnecessary hassles.