Akola PI booked for molesting Nagpur constable’s daughter, by demanding nudes, seeking physical favours


Nagpur: In a shocking incident, a senior police inspector has been accused of molesting a police constable’s highly educated daughter by luring her with financial assistance.

The accused, Dhananjay Saire, 56, from Dhamangaon, Amravati, allegedly entered the victim’s house in Nandanvan area and, under the threat of a gun, committed obscene acts.


The 22-year-old victim, is the daughter of a police constable who had a friendship with Saire. This relationship allowed Saire frequent access to their home.

Currently stationed as the head of the Khadan police station in Akola, Saire reportedly befriended the victim, giving her an iPhone and offering financial help to gain her trust.

Recently, Saire began sending inappropriate messages to the victim on WhatsApp, including a demand for nude photos. When victim refused, Saire allegedly visited her home in Nandanvan on Saturday evening.

He demanded a physical relationship and, upon her refusal, pointed a gun at her and sexually harassed her. Saire also confiscated the iPhone he had gifted her and physically assaulted her.

Victim immediately reported the incident to the Nandanvan police station. Based on her complaint, a case of molestation has been registered against Saire. The police have launched an investigation into the matter.