Ajit Pawar questions govt over loan waiver, damage due to Bollworm

Ajit Pawar
Nagpur: There was a big uproar in the house after government refused to have discussion over loan waiver and damage due to Bollworm, which the NCP leader Ajit Pawar wanted.

Ajit Pawar said, they were not interest in the advertisement which the government had given on Oct 31 which said that 70 lakh farmers have benefitted from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Shetkari Saman Yojana. Four months have passed but still the farmers have not got any benefit. There is resentment among the farmers and thousands of farmers have gathered in Nagpur. The ministers have been giving different statement over the loan waiver. He demanded, the government discuss about the minimum support price for crops and damage from bollworm and the help for it.

The opposition members created uproar in the house over the Bollworm question. They went towards the well in an agitated mood over the farmers’ question.

Ajiut Pawar drew the attention of government towards three things. He said that in the state 3crore litre milk is produced and state government has decided to give price Rs 27 per litre which not acceptable to the cooperative milk societies. He further said it is difficult to form a society but easy to destroy it.

He asked, whether the rate for the milk is acceptable to Legislative Assembly Speaker Haribhau Bagade’s Milk Society. He said, the speaker himself admitted, farmers were given rate of Rs 21 to 22 per litre. This is sheer injustice over dairy owning farmers. He said, Chief Minister should solve this problem.

Chief Minister assured to discuss the matter in presence of experts and important persons in Speaker Haribhau Bagade’s chamber to find a solution.