Published On : Sun, Feb 14th, 2016

Aim very high, work hard to achieve it: DCP Deepali Masirkar

Guidance workshop for competitive exams “Lakshyaved-2016” inaugurated

IMG_9212Nagpur: One should aim very high and work hard to achieve it too claimed Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime and Economic Offences) Deepali Masirkar while addressing as Chief Guest during the Guidance workshop for competitive exams “Lakshyaved-2016” organized jointly by NGO Swayam, Career Today, Maharashtra Times and Dhanwate National College on February 13, 2016.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime and Economic Offences) Deepali Masirkar

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime and Economic Offences) Deepali Masirkar

An excellent orator, Deepali Masirkar started her speech by claiming that she never wanted to become a police official (IPS Officer). She said that she had aspired to become an IAS Officer.

She said that this dream was ingrained in her mind from the age of 5 years when a Collector had visited the Forest Division where her father was a senior official. She saw all the officials, the motorcade, the car with red beacon, the accompanying police staff (body-guards) etc which had enamoured her. She had told her father her dream of becoming an IAS Officer.

IMG_9251Very modestly she said that she was an average student but had scored very well in Xth and XIIth class. She said that in those days, the only two courses that were considered good in the society was MBBS or Bachelor of Engineering. However, she did not lose her vision or dream and pursued Bachelor of Science (Bio-Tech) against all the objections and remarks of the neighbours and relatives. After pursuing her B.Sc in Bio-Tech from Hyderabad, she had expressed her desire to go to Delhi to her parents. Against the strong opposition of her mother, her father supported her dream and allowed her to go to Delhi to pursue her studies in UPSC. She had promised her father that before her former classmates complete their degree in Engineering or MBBS, she will pass the UPSC and become an Official. She claimed that her father supported her in her quest.

IMG_9275She then told of the nuances of the UPSC examinations. She said that she had opted for Sociology and Public Administration since she had to choose two subjects which she had not studied so far.

She clarified that those attempting to pass UPSC should study for 12-14 hours per day is a myth. She said that to start with, one should go through the syllabus properly and then complete the portion that we have set for the day no matter how many hours it takes. Instead of quantity, one should do a qualitative study.

IMG_9198Deepali then exhorted the students and said that the students or candidates appearing for UPSC exams have Internet as a powerful weapon today. Instead of investing in many books, one can search for a topic and go through the topic (all aspects) well. She told them that they can save the money for more qualitative expenditures.

She then told the students that one should learn the basic subjects or concepts well. She added that unless the foundation is strong, the building will not be strong. She said that learn the basics well and one can go ahead. She claimed that if one puts in their best, no one can stop you from succeeding

Deepali Masirkar claimed that “No dream is small; every dream is worth living”.

She then elaborated that reading Newspapers like The Hindu and other two or three papers especially their editorial will help in writing long answers or essays. She explained this by relating her personal experience and said that apart from Newspapers, she used to read books on thinkers and Intelligentsia on a particular subject or topic.

She explained about the allocation of marks and how it is different from the examination till graduation where the more you write the more you score and that it is required one to be very precise.

She urged the students not to compare them with others. Another myth that she clarified was that one can appear UPSC sitting in any place or city. One need not go to Delhi. This is a wild assumption or rumour that only Delhi had institutions that coached people attempting UPSC. She claimed that there are many institutions that coach people for UPSC.

She elaborated this by quoting the example of the son of a Auto-rickshaw driver who passed UPSC and is an IAS Officer (Collector) now. She said that he succeeded against all odds to succeed. She quoted a poem on Ant how when it carries a food grain to its nest, how it falls many times yet succeeds after many attempts. She also said that luck plays only 2% role in the success.

She then went on to clarify about the language. She said that just like many find difficulty in English, others find difficulty in regional languages too.

She then spoke about Hussein Bolt and how just to honour the parents, friends and cheer leaders of his country she ran the race with wrong shoes on wrong foot to establish a record of 9.8 seconds and as the Fastest Man on Earth. She then spoke about Hanumanthappa and the way he survived for 6 days and finally lost his life after being rescued. She then exhorted the students that pursuing UPSC is only who consider this as a service to the nation and not as a career. She said that one should have a confidence in themselves. She concluded he speech with the words of Vivekanand “Awake, arise and stop not till the goal is reached.

Principal of Dhanwate National College Dr B B Taiwade

Principal of Dhanwate National College Dr B B Taiwade

Earlier, Principal of Dhanwate National College Dr B B Taiwade spoke how we are living in a very competitive world. One often needs proper guidance to appear in the competitive exams. He claimed that apart from bookish knowledge, one needs very practical knowledge too. He said about their Competitive Guidance classes which DNC College is holding for students where study material is provided free of cost. He then went on to speak about the series of workshops which will equip the students to compete in different exams like Banking, Railways, Forest and Police.

Founder of

NGO Swayam and Managing Editor of My Career Vishal Muttemwar

NGO Swayam and Managing Editor of My Career Vishal Muttemwar

while speaking to the students said that after acquiring a degree, often students are stumped about “what next”. One starts to equip themselves for jobs in Government or Private jobs.

However, often one does not get enough or the right kind of information required to pursue career in some field. He explained how often after pursuing two years in Engineering College, one realizes that Engineering is not for them. However, in the process they have wasted parents money and their own time and energy. He said how important it is to have proper career guidance to the students.

Vishal Muttemwar then explained how Swayam an NGO is working for the past many years in guiding students about the right career choices. He also spoke about the Newspaper My Career which informs the students about various career opportunities available for them and motivational messages that inspires and motivates the students. He spoke about the various motivational programmes that are undertaken in various schools and educational institutions.

The Guidance workshop for competitive exams “Lakshyaved-2016” saw a packed hall full of students and other candidates wanting to get guidance for appearing in competitive exams.