Published On : Wed, Aug 26th, 2015

After Kangana-Imran’s 24 hrs of liplock, here comes kissing festival!

After Kangana-Imran’s 24 hrs of liplock, here comes kissing festival

Internationally, kissing festivals are a rage among the youth. But you wouldn’t hear of it much in India. Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut are all set to change this as they plan to become judge for this very unique contest! It would be for the very first time, that a kissing contest will take place in Mumbai. And we must admit, this is a unique way that the Katti Batti team has chosen to promote their film.

What we hear is that 50 couples will be coming together for a contest that has been tagged as the “kissing contest”. These couples will have to give their best shot at kissing and the couple who does the best job here wins an award from the actors! The event has been promoted extensively on all youth platforms.

In fact in their next film- Katti Batti- the duo have kissed for over 24 hours! The film also features a track called “Lip to Lip Kissiyan” which has the actors kissing each other throughout the song! And guess what? The on screen jodi shot for 8 hours at a stretch for three days to finish the song.

This is for the very first time that a contest like this will be organised for a Bollywood film. What many don’t know is that kissing festivals are widely celebrated overseas and this particular concept is less known in India. However with this, we guess the film team has opened up a newer way of promoting their films.