Published On : Thu, Apr 17th, 2014

Affiliations of engineering colleges to be cancelled if norms not followed

Nagpur News.

In the last few years the speed with which there has been rise in the number of engineering colleges, the quality is also going  down at that speed. The colleges not following National Board of Accreditation (NBA) norms are running colleges. But this time University Grants Commission (UGC) has made NBA accreditation mandatory. Not only that but UGC has given powers to University to cancel affiliation of the colleges not fulfilling the norms.

After getting directives from UGC, MP’s Rajiv Gandhi Technical University has informed all the colleges about this. These UGC directives are not only applicable to MP but will be applicable all over India.

University Responsibility

Up till now only NBA Accreditation was mandatory but now even NAC Accreditation has been made compulsory. This means that colleges cannot sidetrack any norms. UGC will implement its policy through the respective universities. Under this situation, the university has an important role to play.

University will have to take action against colleges that is; the affiliation is to be cancelled if the colleges are not sticking to the norms.

PG courses at many colleges may be closed

There are around 51 engineering colleges under RTM Nagpur. Almost a dozen of these colleges are new, meaning they have yet not completed six years. As per the norms those colleges which have completed six years have to compulsorily get Accreditation. So new colleges can get some relaxation but not the old ones. From 51 colleges many are running post graduation courses but not following any norms.

Careless attitude so far

At many colleges there are no Ph D professors. In many colleges post graduate lectures are teaching at post graduation courses. Up till now the colleges were providing wrong information and getting their work done. But now UGC will not tolerate such careless attitude. Because in case of deviation from the norms university will also be liable to pay penalty. If now university administration honestly follows the rules more than dozen colleges will have to close down their post graduation courses.