Published On : Wed, Aug 31st, 2016

Adv B J Agrawal’s book “Bhanvar Mein Siyasat” receives critical acclaim from luminaries


Adv. B J Agrawal's Book Launching (2)
Advocate B J Agrawal’s book “Bhanvar Mein Siyasat” received critical acclaim from an array of dignitaries who graced the dedication ceremony held at Agrasen Bhavan in the city recently.

While speaking about the book “Bhanvar Mein Siyasat,” a collection of interesting write-ups penned by senior counsel Advocate B J Agrawal, critique speaker of the programme — renowned journalist, thinker and political analyst Dr Vedpratap Vaidik said that at first he was very skeptical about a lawyer writing a book. Since lawyers are good orators and it is only the judges who write well. However, when he picked up the book, it turned out to be one which could not be put down without finishing.
Dr Vedpratap Vaidik said that right from the very first article in the book which is titled “Modi Ka Ahankar” hit the bull’s eye and will keep the readers hooked. This article also made Vaidik think twice about which Agrawal writes such hard hitting articles? Which Baniya (who are known for smooth talks) speak like this?

The author Advocate B J Agrawal has lauded former Rajya Sabha Member Vijay Darda and Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari in his book. He said that both the personalities hail from Nagpur. He went on to claim that among many Ministers who are really doing a good work in their portfolio, Nitin Gadkari is certainly on the top and is worth praises.
Agrawal went on to speak about former Rajya Sabha Member Vijay Darda and said that he is a good young man. He claimed that he had kept his word and had started the Lokmat Samachar (Lokmat had started only the Lokmat Times then).


He then went on to claim that in spite of knowing Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh, he had proposed Narendra Modi as the next Prime Ministerial candidate. He claimed that Manmohan Singh is the first Prime Minister who knew his successor while many of his predecessors did not know that.

Adv Agrwal stated that he has been writing against the present government for the last two years. He said that he is and has never been afraid of anybody since he was one of the few who were arrested at the age of 12 years. The author said that he felt cheated for the first time in 60 years, since the coin in which he put his trust in has turned out to be fake one. He said that the last two years of Modi’s reign are over in doling out cock and bull stories. He is definitely not corrupt since one need to have a family to be corrupt.

He spoke of his close association with the former Prime Minister late Chandrashekhar and how Vaidik had impressed upon him to form the SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Countries). He spoke of his close association with the Prime Minister of Afganistan and how he had studied in Kabul. Adv Agrawal claimed that on his urging did Chandrashekhar work uniting many countries into SAARC nations. He spoke of his close association with Dr Lohia and former PM late Chandrashekhar. He said that it was on his advice that Chandrashekhar delivered his speech in Hindi when he went to Maldives. He spoke of the need to establish and strengthen the SAARC countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka. “If these SAARC countries become united, like European Union, then the money value will enhance and we can dictate terms to other countries.”

Dr Vaidik claimed that it was on his advice that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called all the Premiers including the Premier of Afghanistan to the oath taking ceremony. However, nothing is happening now.

He rued the fact that the present leaders do not have the knowledge or acumen of a foreign policy. Dr Vaidik said that there are many critical observations on many issues mentioned in the book written by Advocate B J Agrawal.
He quoted a couplet (Sher) from Ghalib which went like this…

“Dekhna taqreer ki lazzat ke jo usne kaha
Main ne yeh jaana ke goya yeh bhi mere dil mein hai”

He agreed with the author’s passion for a separate Vidarbha and said that Vidarbha should be an independent state soon. However, most of our ministers, once elected get drawn to “Sone ki khadan” (Gold Mine) i.e. Mumbai. He claimed that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis is a ‘good boy’. However, he is surprised how he backtracked on the separate Vidarbha issue and said that he is the Chief Minister of United Maharashtra. Dr Vaidik claimed that he even spoke to RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and told him that they should fight for a separate Vidarbha which is the heart of India.

Adv. B J Agrawal's Book Launching (1)
Dr Vaidik rued the fact that no prime minister ever fights for the rights of farmers. He claimed that more than 100 crore citizens of India are poor and needy. Who’ll take care of them?

While speaking about our Prime Minister, he said that most leaders are Sarkar Ka Neta (Leader of the government) and not Desh Ka Neta (Leader of the country). They are dependent on the ‘Naukarshahi’ (Bureaucrats). In his book Advocate B J Agrawal has dealt a serious blow to the leaders. He went on to quote a couplet from Akbar Allahabadi… Tujhe shandar …. He spoke about how Advocate B J Agrawal has dedicated one entire section on former Prime Minister late Chandrashekhar. He said this speaks about the gratitude towards the great man.

Earlier former State Home Minister Jayant Patil too addressed the audience and said that he knew Advocate B J Agrawal from his college days. He said that when he used to be a small boy, he used to serve tea to Advocate B J Agrawal and other leaders who came to meet his father Rajarambapu Patil.

Jayant Patil claimed that even he was surprised that a man of such a quiet nature can have such revolutionary thoughts. Jayant Patil claimed that by his book, it comes to fore that Advocate B J Agrawal is a “Kattar Vidarbhawadi” (Staunch Vidarbhabite).
While speaking about the first two chapters of the book “Bhanvar Mein Siyasat,” a collection of interesting write-ups penned by senior counsel Adv B J Agrawal, Jayant Patil said that he has carved out a niche for himself as a leading figure in political, social and educational fields in Nagpur as well as Vidarbha, has written on almost all topics concerning affairs in the country and the world in public interest.

He claimed that the two chapters that are dedicated to “Modi ke ahankar ke do saal,” speak about the commitments which were broken. The way empty promises of Jan Dhan Yojana and how poor people will get money in their account and the way black money in Swiss Banks will be brought back etc.

Jayant Patil further spoke about the way Advocate B K Agrawal has passionately written about the plight of farmers of Vidarbha in his book “Bhanvar Mein Siyasat”.

He highlighted the way Advocate B J Agrawal spoke about the practical aspects of banking and farmers. He added that when the outgoing Governor of RBI Raghuram Rajan had asked to submit the balance sheet and if discrepancies are found to pay to the government, they decided to throw him out. Jayant Patil claimed that if they live by their election manifesto of “Na Khayenge Aur Na Khane Denge” (neither we will eat nor will we allow others to eat-bribe money), then they would have asked RBI Governor to continue the second term. The present leaders are those who would do anything to remain in power.
Jayant Patil asked the leaders of the present government to live the talk.

The programme was presided over by former Union Minister Babanrao Dhakne. Other dignitaries present on the occasion included former Rajya Sabha Member Vijay Darda, Managing Editor of Dainik Bhaskar Manmohan Agrawal, Managing Editor of Deshonnati Prakash Pohre and CDR Chairman Trilok Chaudhary. The Secretary of Rashtriya Manav Vikas Sanstha Sandeep Agrawal, former Mayor Kishore Dorle, former President of District Bar Association Sudip Jaiswal, NVCC President Prakash Mehadia, Publisher Vijaykumar Jain and Nagpur District Kisan Cell President Laxmanrao Mellipeddi left no stones unturned for success of the programme.