Published On : Tue, Jun 23rd, 2015

Admission Nagpur: A unique venture by Shat-Ayu Education Society aimed at all-round professional development

Nagpur: Tilak Maharashtra University is a deemed university located at Pune, Maharashtra, India. At the suggestion of Mahatma Gandhi, it was established in 1921 and named after the famous freedom fighter and nationalist Lokmanya Tilak.

In Nagpur, its reoresentated by Shat-Ayu College of Professional Studies. In Short span of time, college has become popular among students.

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Director of Shat-Ayu College of Professional Studies Sumukh Mishra IMG-20150623-WA0008said that ‘we strive to educate the students in academics while providing other inputs that help in grooming them to face the professional careers’.

NT: What did you envisage before you started this educational institution?

Sumukh:  I was a leader of Student Council in Nagpur. I and the Student’s Council took a stand on various pressing issues. I fought for several rights of RTMNU students. I realized that the students were not being provided with basic amenities and facilities which the University is supposed to provide. It was at this juncture, that I thought of coming-up with an Educational Institute where all the facilities would be provided for the students under one roof. The institution that I envisaged will strive for student’s overall development. I ensured that the students get an opportunity to showcase their talents and capabilities.

NT: What courses do we offer?

Sumukh: Shat-Ayu College of Professional Studies offers courses in the field of commerce and business administration which includes Master of Business Administration, Master of Computer Application, Bachelor of Computer Application, Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters in Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Arts.

NT: When did Shat-Ayu came into existence and with what purpose?

Sumukh: Shat-Ayu was established in the year 2009. This is the seventh year since its inception. Shat-Ayu College is affiliated with Tilak Maharashtra University and Pune (TMV) a UGC recognized at National level for its unique identity for the realization of the deal of improving national, education and igniting patriotic sentiments amongst the youths.

NT:What is your unique selling point?

Sumukh: Shat-Ayu lays an equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities. A number of guest lectures, seminars, workshops on personality development by eminent personalities from industries and Academics are also arranged in order to keep students updated with knowledge and development in the fields. Shat-Ayu offers free admission to the students who come under the category of backward classes. Shat-Ayu is the most forward looking educational institute of the city.

NT:Tell us something about the teaching methods and teaching faculties?

Sumukh: The teachers in our institute aim at creating students interest in whatever field they ought to study. They play various games while teaching the students to maintain their interest in studies so that students do not lose their interest in the respective subject .Our teachers give extra time even after the teaching hours to the weak students to help them increase their abilities. The teachers are very free and frank with the students so that the students can anytime walk to them regarding their difficulties in the respective subject.

NT:What message you want to give to all the students aspiring for courses that you offer?  

Sumukh: I just want to convey the message to all the students of my institute as well all the students in our country that at the time you have choose a specific field, plan it keeping in mind your abilities and interests. Don’t just follow the trends going on at that time. Whichever field you choose should be according to your comfort-ability and your interest for the same. Don’t just choose it because your relatives, friends or neighbors are in the field.

–Taniya Bageshwar