Published On : Sat, Sep 2nd, 2017

Aditya Pancholi physically abused me, reveals Kangana

Kangana and Aditya
Bollywood’s controversy queen Kangana Ranaut has come up with series of startling revelations and timed up smartly ahead of his upcoming release Simran. While some people say that she is just doing it to promote her upcoming film Simran that all of a sudden she has brought alive all the controversies about her former relationships, Kangana feels she has always spoken about them without mincing words.

In the past as well, the Queen of Bollywood has opened up about her alleged relationship with Aditya Pancholi and how she was scandalised during the time.

While earlier the actress had opened up how she was abused in a past relationship, she never took Aditya Pancholi’s name. However, recently she confirmed that it was Sooraj Pancholi’s father.

“It was a very difficult and very harsh time. I was physically abused. I don’t have to go to details. I felt trapped. You feel people might help you. But there are no free lunches. But when you are going you fall for it.

This man who was my father’s age hit me hard on my head when I was 17. I started bleeding. I took out my sandal and hit him head hard and he started to bleed too. I lodged an FIR against the man,” she had earlier said at a press conference.

At a talk-show recently, the actress affirmed that she was talking about Aditya Pancholi. She even said she was under house arrest during that time, and that he used to abuse her physically. She took his wife Zarina Wahab’s help to be saved from his beatings.

A few years ago, Aditya Pancholi too had opened up about his relationship with Kangana Ranaut and said, “We were as good as husband and wife. I was actually building a house for both of us on Yari Road. We lived together for three years at a friends` place. I used to show her a lot of movies. I was building a home for the two of us. Even the phone she was using was mine.”

He also had revealed how he got back to his wife after the splt and how accepting she was of his past relationships.

“Zarina has been my support and strength. In spite of all the pain that I’ve caused her, she says she wants to be my wife for seven more lives. All Kangana had to do was tell me she was seeing this boy.”