Published On : Sat, Dec 9th, 2017

Adim Morcha to Vidhan Bhavan on Dec 13

Nagpur: Admi morcha will be taken out on 13 Dec to Vidhan Bhavan to protest against the injustice done to them by the government. Adv Nanada Parate leader of Rashtriya Adim Kruti Samiti though the constitution has given right to as Adivasis still the government has been terming them as bogus. She informed that the poster ‘Bharat Sarkar Jawab do’ will be put up to at different place to create awareness.

Nanada Parate further said that Halba and Halbi are the real Adivasis right from the age old days but just because they are the believers of Hindu religion, the govt has been terming them as Bogus. The Bombay High Court had given orders to issue valid certificate since Halbas are from weavers’ community. But still the Maharashtra Government has not followed the decision of court but instead is going to the Supreme Court. She also said that the government has not kept its promise. She blamed Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for betraying them though they had voted them to power.

The main demands of the Adim are- the families who have valid certificate their family members should be given caste certificate within a month. The workers who have been sacked on the basis of caste certificate should be reinstated and other demands.

Adim women workers Sheela Nimje, Geeta Nikhare, Manda Dhakate, Sangeeta Nikhare, Pushpa Dharmik, Nirmala Barapatra, Alka Hedau, Vandana Barapatre, Managla Nandanwar, Meena Hedau and others are working hard for the success of Adim morcha.