Published On : Wed, May 20th, 2015

Adding to the emerging talents of the City, ‘Tatvah’ finds its way to countless hearts


The search for quality cinema will never end for those who relish this art. ‘Tatvah’ certainly serves as a halt for such art lovers. The makers have claimed that with limited resources and Nagpur being underestimated in terms of film making, they serve as a ray of bright light to project some quality work.

“For films you dont require money and resources … u need passion”, they excerpt.

A new short film, ‘Tatvah’, the elements, made by city based Lensation Picture Studios is an artistic depiction of the exploration of the five elements. The beautifully picturized short film is a treat to the eyes as it uses feminine grace of a young woman who explores all the five elements of nature. Tatvah has been directed by Aditya Sharma who calls the film a blend of film-making and fashion designing as the film depicts the work of stylist Punam Waghade. Editing is done by Atharva Chandorkar and Mrugnil Chavan.

The cinematography of the entire film has been done by Atharva Chandorkar who has been associated with Sharma for quite some time. Both Sharma and Chandorkar had also teamed up for the Happy Nagpur video which became a craze in the city last year. The short film depicts two female protagonists exploring earth, water, wind and fire draped in vibrant five-yard sarees and adorned in tasteful jewellery.


Tatvah had a very small team the stylist Punam Waghade, the production team of two people Mrugnil Chavan and Rishabh Bhonsle and mod-els Mannat and Ruchi. The film was shot in 3 days and the post production took another 10 days. “Tatvah features a vibrant show-case of colors,” says Punam the stylist of the film and mentions that the biggest challenge was to contrast the colors with the location and the time constrains, rest it was a fun project to work on.

The major part of the film was shot in Waghville Resorts; Umri. All together Tatvah is an oracular film to watch, a new concept in for Nagpur. It’s a great venture about fashion, exper-iments and expressions. The film is also a great example of good work done under various limitations of resources often underestimated. Nagpur and its people are capable of making good short films that can be compared to those of else bigger cities.



PICS BY : Atharva Chandorkar