Published On : Wed, Dec 24th, 2014

Actress Meghna Patel wears Saree to Congrats Modi for his win in Jammu & Kashmir and Jharkhand


Meghna Patel
Nagpur Today.

Actress Meghna Patel who is a big fan of PM Narendra Modi congrats him for his win in Jammu & kashmir and Jharkhan. Meghna Patel is about to make big in bollywood, and in her first she will seen wearing Saree  a perfectly sculpted body in a rather petite in saree can only be a good thing to ease people into their mind. Actress Meghna Patel, who has shocked everyone by stripping to support BJP’s prime ministerial Narendra Modi will be seen doing an sexy saree clad women in movie “Luv phir Kabhi”.  Actress Meghna  Patel who had rocked in television industry with her Sizzling body is ready to enter in Bollywood through her sexiest shape and superbly toned body to Bounce in saree, The actress had add more oomph in saree than we could ever imagine. “Luv phir kabhie” is an rom-com movie which is directed and produced by Ajay Yadav and stated to release soon.

Meghna Patel said, “However at the sometime Saree is very sexy attire. It can excite your senses if wore in appealing style. I am playing an very important role in the movie. Ajay yadav is really a very kind and humble person. he knows how work has to be done.”

Meghna Patel look stunningly beautiful yet sexy in saree. Almost all females look beautiful in saree but only few manage to look sexy and appealing in it. Meghna Patel seems to have mastered this art.

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