Published On : Thu, Apr 7th, 2016

Activa with cash worth lakhs of rupees looted after injuring employees with iron rod

Loot at CA Road Wardhman Nagar
In what could be mentioned as sheer guts or daring by some unscrupulous elements, some goons had attacked two employees of a businessman with an iron rod in a movie style and drove away with his Honda Activa motorcycle on April 7, 2016.

After recovering from the shock, the two employees reported the matter to cops of Lakadganj Police Station. The victims identified are identified as Yeshwant Narhari Khanorkar aged 35 years and Abhimanyu Bharadwaj were going on white coloured Honda Activa vehicle bearing RTO Registration No. MH-31/ 5689 on Central Avenue Road to the house of the owner of the business Naresh Rajai located in Chapru Nagar.

The victims claimed that when they neared the Chandras Beer Bar on CA road, two unidentified goons accosted them and hit them with an iron rod on their hands and legs and sped away with the Honda Activa vehicle of the victim. The victims claimed that they were carrying an amount of Rs five lakhs in the dicky of the Honda Activa. Both the victims have incurred injuries to their hands and legs.

However, reliable sources claimed that the boss of the victims identified as Naresh Rajai is involved in the Gold jewellery business for the last few years. Sources also claimed that he is involved in Hawala business. A case of melting coins was registered in Panchpaoli Police Station in the year 2007.

Sources close to the traders have also expressed their opinion that the amount of Rs five lakhs which the victim claims to be looted is in fact more than Rs 35 lakhs. This money could be part of the Hawala business in which he is actively involved in. The cops are assuming the amount looted to be Rs 5 lakhs and is investigating that. Only after the completion of the investigation can be reality in the case emerge.
Till the time of filing the case, Senior Police Officials including Deputy Commissioner of Police Abhinash Kumar, In-Charge of Lakhadganj Police Station Senior Police Inspector Mane and the entire staff of Detective Branch had rushed to the spot and were investigating the case. Since many CCTV cameras have been installed by various business establishments in the area, the cops are said to be scrutinizing the CCTV footage for leads in the case.

Till the time of filing the report, the Lakhadganj Police was registering a case based on the complaint lodged by one of the victim Yeshwant Khanorkar.