Published On : Sat, Feb 1st, 2014

AAP’s success is due to people’s sanction to its working

Nagpur News.

Today people of Darshan colony, of zone 44, were surprised to see the road in front of their houses getting repaired with all sincerity. This was not the appreciation for the NMC and its working but rather its inefficiency to reach to the root of the problem. In fact the houses are on the lower level than the roads. This causes many problems in rainy season for the inhabitants of the colony. Every year during the rains the water from the roads flows towards the houses, which are on lower level, enters into the houses and causes great deal of damage and adds to the woes of the people. The people have to spend huge sums on the repairs of the houses along with the repairs of the household goods. The sewage system or the lack of it to say, gets choked and brings in its wake the health problems in scores.

Actually it was felt that the road will be dug to some extent. It was also anticipated that the government engineers will plan accordingly. Many applications to that effect were submitted. Some people who are aware about the problems also raised Right to Information queries for knowing the exact status of the plans. More than 100 applications have been submitted with the NMC by the residents of the colony for lowering the level of the road. But its NMC’s arrogance that it has totally ignored the problem, ignored the applications of the residents and instead of solving the problem has aggravated it by raising the level of the road. This was the point of view expressed by the people here.

The local members of AAP demanded that this work, which is against the interest of people should be stopped forthwith and the concerned officials answer the queries of the residents. The local people must be consulted in local issues, such feeling is now taking root.

At this time there were heated exchanges among Malutai Wanwe, a civic body member of Congress party and the local AAP representatives. But the aggrieved residents sided with AAP representatives. It was their feeling that the public money should not be wasted. The incident shows that AAP has inculcated the habit among people to take part in the issues of their interest and make the government officials, whether NMC or any other body, responsible for the works they are undertaking.

It is need of the hour to make officials realize that they cannot turn blind eye to the problems of people. It is violation of the peoples’ right.

The step taken by the Darshan colony residents is for the protection of the peoples’ rights. The local AAP convener Preeti Komujwar, assured the residents that AAP will always stand behind the people for their rights and hopefully they will not face rainy water entering their houses and the related problems in coming season.

Present on this occasion were AAP representatives Namdeo Kamdi, Harsha Mundhada, Jyoti Patne, Aashish Rewatkar and others. Harish Dikondawar, the civic body member who has recently joined AAP in its efforts for social change was also present. He expressed his willingness to take the issues to the municipal commissioner, if the need be. AAP has appealed to the people that they should prevent the government machinery from starting unnecessary expensive public works and do some constructive activities. AAP will always stand behind people for such rightful stand.