Published On : Mon, Feb 2nd, 2015

AAP gives BJP two hours for withdrawing offensive anti Kejriwal ad

Kejriwal-AdNew Delhi.

The beleaguered Delhi BJP has stooped to a new low in leaving no stone unturned in targeting Kejriwal and AAP and has now brought in his caste as well.
The BJP advertisement targets Kejriwal for threatening to disrupt the Republic Day parade last year while complaining this year that he was not been invited for the event.

“Desh ke karodon log gantantra divas ko rashtriya parv mante hain, us par garv karte hain (The country’s crores of people consider Republic Day as a national festival and feel proud about it). Aur apka updravi gotra isme vyavdhan dalne ko taiyar tha (And your trouble maker community was ready to disrupt it). Reacting strongly to this Kejriwal has said

“This is unacceptable and they should apologise to the entire community. We will complain to EC that BJP has stooped down to racial attacks. Delhi’s people do not like this abusive politics,”

He also called a meeting of top party leaders at his residence to deliberate on the issue. AAP leader Ashutosh came down heavily on the BJP, saying people will teach the saffron party a lesson in the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections.

“BJP must withdraw the ad within 2 hours and apologise publicly or we’ll be forced to take action,” Ashutosh said.

In defense BJP leader and Union minister Piyush Goyal said the advertisement was a figure of speech.

“The remark was made metaphorically, to depict AAP’s DNA, its political philosophy, which is of anarchy, We don’t ever divide society on caste lines. They (AAP) are twisting it, they don’t understand what a political metaphor is. We used the word ‘upadravi’ metaphorically,” Goyal added.