Published On : Wed, Mar 22nd, 2017

A young Nagpurian creates device that can charge a mobile or laptop to the full in a car

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will”. — George Bernard Shaw

A youngster in the city has proved George Bernard Shaw right in an innovative way.

Today, a switched off cell phone is the cause of annoyance and often makes people feel helpless. And when one is travelling in a car and the mobile goes ‘dead’ due to discharge, the frustration is at its peak. Many must have experienced charging of a cell phone in a car is always dismal. The travel comes to an end but the phone never gets charged to the maximum. With the problem pricking his brain, a Nagpurian has created an innovative device that will enable charging of not only the cell phone but any electronic stuff in a car itself.

The Nagpurian is Abhijit Khadakhadi. The four-wheelers have an arrangement for charging. But charging a mobile phone is a time consuming and “boring” proposition. To overcome this nagging problem, Abhijit has developed this new device. A 230-volt power supply in a car, idle or running, would be possible, courtesy this Abhijit invention. This capacity power supply runs in every house. Currently, the power supply available in a four-wheeler is of 12-volts. However, the device invented by Abhijit could possibly ensure power supply in manifold capacity in comparison. This will naturally help in charging electronic goods in much quicker time. “Not only mobile phones but even a laptop or for that matter any electronic stuff as well could be charged with device,” declared the beaming Abhijit Khadakhadi.

This youngster has created a power supply of 230 volts by using battery and engine of a car. Even if the four-wheeler is idle, a back-up of around 4-5 hours is available with this device. Once the four-wheeler starts running, the power supply from this device will cease but it will continue from engine source. “Moreover, a 4 CFL bulb could come alive with this new device. If the voltage soars beyond limits, the power supply would cease automatically,” Abhijit stated.

For charging purpose, sockets will be set up at three suitable places in the car at reasonable cost. “I have applied for patenting of the device developed by me,” he said.

Throwing light on his new creation, Abhijit said, “The device has been developed for all four-wheelers. With this device, 230-volt current (which is also called home current) could be obtained in a car as well. This current is more than sufficient to run a mobile phone or a laptop or any other electronic tool easily. My newly-created device is equipped with tripper EC and hence there is no damage to the car battery. In fact, it is more beneficial in more ways than one. The device has two sockets and one switch. Once the use is over, the device can be switched off conveniently,” he said.

The new device is called “Mobile Inverter.” An accompanying inverter!!

– Ravikant Kamble