Published On : Wed, Feb 26th, 2014

A teaching technique proving a veritable boon for students and teachers alike the best way

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Creative Educators, a charitable professional service organization of Nagpur, has taken up the arduous task of improving the quality of education. Towards this objective, it has been propagating 21st Century Teaching Technique, invented by Dr. R.D. Mohota, after 62 years of intense deliberative research. This technique is the only one of its kind in the world. It fully develops the hidden talents of students viz. comprehension, reasoning , logic, self-control and similar qualities. In a way, it makes the intelligence of students to blossom and creates a well-rounded personality as a whole.

Co-founder of “21st Century  Teaching Technique” Squadron Leader (Retd) Pravin Bhatia informed that students learn the syllabus mostly through interaction, and very little through lectures. This makes for self motivated students who are well trained in various soft skills which are vital for success of every individual in all walks of life. He further added, incidentally, it is lack of such skills that account for many of the brilliant students failing in the world of work. Thus, a veritable crop of competent manpower can be created if this technique is adopted.

Actually, under conventional teaching, a teacher addresses the whole class. But the Creative Educators technique involves in the 1st step division of subject matter into groups of six students each, 2nd step- each group reads silently the portion allotted to them, 3rd step- each group then discusses the same and understands it in consultation with the teacher, 4th step –each group then in turn, presents its portion to the whole class, Step- 5, all the students in the class will ask questions to the group after reading the relevant portion. Teacher helps when necessary.

90% of the subject matter is grasped and absorbed by the students fairly well through this technique. Balance must be taken care of by teachers in rest of the time available.

This Technique is the brainchild of R.D Mohota, Founder of  21st Century Teaching Technique,  invented after 62 years of intensive Education research. Mohota believes in drawing out knowledge from the minds and not just feeding knowledge into the mind.

This technique was demonstrated successfully in around 400 schools of Nagpur and to over lakhs of students all over India. The Maharashtra Government has included this Technique in the proposed manual for teachers. It has been recently introduced in all schools of Nashik district as well.

It is a charitable initiative of the founders of this technique. Schools interested to know about it can contact Squadron Leader (Retd) Pravin Bhatia on his cell no- 9552457521.