Published On : Mon, Dec 24th, 2012

A rosy Sweet for christmas “Rose Cookies” by Esme Stephens

Rose Cookies

Christmas is just round the corner but the preparations start as early as 20th. The reason for such early work is for the amounts of sweets we make as this is one time of the year that ever catholic longs for says Esme Stephens who resides at Tent Line, Mohan Nagar . She has been preparing sweets for her family and around for more than 20 years and says that during the build-up for Christmas there is always a sense of unity, love and excitement around the house. Esme says that she is never alone in preparing sweets as her husband Mr Edu Stephens wholly participates in making the sweets which is later followed by her son Edgar Stephens.  “Making sweets is just a tradition but having the support and involvement of her family members make the occasion even more special” says Esme.


The recipe for Christmas that she would like to share is Rose Cookies. Rose Cookies is the typical Anglo Indian cookie which is one of the more loved sweets for Christmas apart for Kalkals etc.

1/2kg  maida flour

¼ kg powdered sugar

1 litre milk

3 eggs

5 tbsp rice flour

¼ tsps nut meg powder

Vanilla  ¼ tsp

Oil, ghee.[1/2   litre oil and ½ kg   dalda or can add more .The cookies have to be deep fried]

Pinch of salt


Method:  Mix rice flour & milk until no lumps exists.  Gradually add maida flour,  powdered sugar and mix thoroughly with a hand whisk.  Beat eggs and add to batter.  Ensure batter is of thickish and falling consistency. Add nut meg powder, vanilla and salt to taste.  Put batter into a deep bowl .  Mix ghee,  oil and heat it well in a deep pan . When  it is hot dip the Rose Cookie Mould in hot oil  for 1 minute. Dip the hot mould into the deep bowl with flour taking care that batter comes up only to 3/4 or 1/2 height of the mould..not up to the edges.  Lift quickly and float the mould into the hot oil, shaking the mould gradually till the cookie falls into the oil.  Fry till it gets a pale colour. Remove on paper towels and when cool store in airtight box. {Pls. note while frying the cookies lower the flame to medium].


Enjoy the Sweets and the Stephens family wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New-year


Esme Stephens with her family