Published On : Thu, Sep 6th, 2012
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“NO AUTHORITY OR POWER GIVEN TO THE MAYOR; he is powerless” – Prof. Anil Sole

Nagpur Today brings to you excerpts of an Exclusive Interview with Nagpur City Mayor.


Nagpur Today: After becoming the mayor of Nagpur what were the challenges in front of you and what is your vision for Nagpur?

Prof. Anil Sole: Nagpur should become India’s leading city in terms of growth, it should be the cleanest city, pollution free there should be 24 hour water supply ,roads have to be proper and the city should be safe for the residents living here. I want to see a Nagpur where education can be given and a superior level and students should excel in every free, a Nagpur where we can compete with the rest of the country with our heads held high that’s my dream of my Nagpur.

Nagpur Today:Nagpur is seen as the most expensive city with respect to tax? This has resulted in traders opting for other cities as compared to Nagpur. What do you have to say about it?

Prof. Anil Sole: I don’t agree that Nagpur is the most expensive city with respect to taxes on things. The most expensive thing over here is petrol. There are so many things in Nagpur where tax is not laid on .so if we say its

Nagpur Today:What is the biggest project you are working on?

Prof. Anil Sole:A clean, green and safe Nagpur.

Nagpur Today:Are you doing something for this?

Prof. Anil Sole: Yes on 1 august I m planting 25000 trees with the public’s participation’s strongly believe we will achieve more than that and move closer to my dream project.

Nagpur Today:There was a Pench pipeline issue where in the farmers had opposed it? where has it reached ?

Prof. Anil Sole:The issue is resolved and complete and is near to completion.

Nagpur Today:Is there any demand or project that the state government has not acted upon?

Prof. Anil Sole:Yes there is an issue. Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra and it still doesn’t have a NMC commissioner in its place. There are so many issues that have still to be resolved and we are waiting for that to be done .we also want more manpower and have asked for recruitment   which has not been taken care of .The IRDP fund that has to come hasn’t come yet where we are entitled for 200 crore.

Nagpur Today:Are you have with the powers and authority given to your at your current post or do you want more powers with respect to the post that your are handling?

Prof. Anil Sole:There is “NO AUTHORITY OR POWER GIVEN TO THE MAYOR “he is powerless. Rest all other departments have got power.

Nagpur Today:Is there any improvement in star bus services as still more buses is in bad condition?

   Prof. Anil Sole:The state is definitely than 2 months before. There are more than 300 buses in the city now and Tyres   are also done properly.

Nagpur Today:Any particular message for the residents of Nagpur?

Prof. Anil Sole:Yes I will make an effort to solve all the problems of the city and with your support will achieve my dream of a clean, safe and pollution free city.

Thank you and Jai Hind

By Marcelo Azavedo