Published On : Tue, Jun 2nd, 2020

A Memorable Trip to Pune with Savaari

Pune with its rich Maratha history, museums, hill forts that offer a bird’s eye view of the entire city, festivals, lip-smacking food, nightlife, countless restaurants and a growing student population – is a city that deserves a visit for reasons more than one. A laid-back yet a lively town, Pune’s young and lively vibe welcomes all its visitors with its arms wide open. Look beyond the modern facade and you would find the remnants of the old city of Poona which thrives to this day in its temples and palaces.  Only 120 km from Mumbai, a road trip to Pune is a great way of exploring Maharashtra with places like Khandala, Lonavala en-route to delight you.


The city of Pune was brought to the world map with the Osho International Meditation Resort founded by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Hence, Pune sees a footfall of travellers from all over the world. Moreover,  people belonging to different castes and ethnicities live together in peace and harmony, and it is in fact this beautiful harmony that makes Pune an enchanting place to be.


There are a few spots in Pune which should be on your list of places to explore, whether you are there on a business or leisure trip. It’s best to rent a car to check out these places one after the other. Savaari offers reliable car rental service in Pune at very affordable fares.

Here are a few recommendations on food, culture and history of Pune.

Vohuman Cafe

Mornings in Pune are beautiful. So start your day with an early morning stroll so you can later treat yourself to a delicious breakfast of chai, fried eggs and bun maska.


There are many quaint Iranian cafes around the city that serve amazing breakfast. A visit to one of these Iranian cafes is a must, our personal favorite is Vohuman Cafe. Not a very fancy one at that, but the food here is a true Punites definition of a perfect breakfast. Their marble countertops and bentwood chairs have the old-world charm which makes it only better. Punites like to come here to enjoy a breakfast of omelet and cheese toast. A huge chunk of cheese is added to the omelet and a generous amount of cheese is slathered on the toast too. Cream plate, a saucerful of buffalo cheese is a specialty here too. Be prepared to leave this place with a few extra kilos.

Shaniwar Wada

Now that you started your day with some really amazing breakfast, it’s time to head out and explore the rich history of this city.

Pune’s Shaniwar Wada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Built in 1732, this stately monument was the seat of Peshwas of the Maratha empire. Etched on the monument are the golden glorious days of the Marathas. Also famous for being the love nest of Bajirao and Mastani, the walls of this majestic monument are decorated with scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Delve deeper into the Maratha history with a light and sound show in the evening. With the effects of lights, narration, music and ambiance; you can literally feel being teleported to that era.

Maratha Samrat

When it comes to authentic food, trust the locals. Always. If you are in the mood for authentic Maharashtrian thalis, then Maratha Samrat will give your taste buds the finest taste of Maharashtrian cuisine. From their chicken fry thalis to mutton thalis, you cannot stop at one.

Agha Khan Palace

I think by now you do have an idea that Pune’s has a very fascinating story. And even if you are not a history buff, the stories attached to this place are bound to fascinate you.


Spread across the Mula River in Yerwada, Agha Khan Palace with its Islamic architecture, Italian arches and ornate interiors is any photographer’s paradise. Built in 1892, this palace preserves India’s struggle against the British through various artifacts, paintings and photographs. The amount of history preserved in this straight out of postcard palace will leave history buffs mesmerized for days on end.

Vada Pav

Your visit to Pune will be incomplete without a visit to the city’s famous Garden Vada Pav stall at Butte Street. Located just opposite JJ Garden, treat yourself to the mouth-watering vada pavs served here with onion, green chilly, chura, lemon and green chutney. Looking for a light evening snack, this is your best around the city!


Bonus: Mumbai


You can also take some time out to explore the city of dreams, Mumbai. Whether you want a glimpse of the beautiful Maharashtrian culture or experience its famous nightlife or you’re simply a Bollywood lover, this city will never disappoint you! Located at a distance of 150 km from Pune, you can easily book dependable taxi from Pune to Mumbai and reach within 3 hours.


For your way back home, you can book your flight tickets from Mumbai instead of Pune for better fares and because Mumbai has better connectivity, especially to the smaller cities in India. You can book  Pune to Mumbai airport drop service for a comfortable ride back home.