Published On : Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

A.G. Nagpur ,Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata In Semifinals

DSC_0312Nagpur: Nagpurians enjoyed a series of Football events today. The Inter zonal IA&AD football tournament under the convenership of Dinesh Patil, IAAS, Accountant General commenced on 27/1/2016 at Chatrapati shivaji Stadium,Police Ground, Takli, Katol Road,Nagpur.

The tournament was inaugurated by Vijaybabu Darda, Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Chairman, Lokmat Media Pvt. Ltd. by kicking the ball in the Goal Post. .Sudhakarrao Kohale, MLA Nagpur (South) and Jaydeep Shah, Principal Director, R.T.I. Nagpur were the Guests of honour. In his inaugural speech Darda, M.P. thanked and complemented the .Dinesh Patil, IAAS, Accountant General for taking initiative in conducting this tournament. Such tournaments are a great source of recreation and refreshment for the employees as well as players. He also appreciated the work of Indian Audit and Accounts Department and saluted the department by mentioning it as the backbone of the country. He emphasized on the need of more play grounds for the children and requested Sudhakar Kohale, MLA to take up the matter with the State Government. . Darda also stressed upon the need and importance of sports in the day to day activity of an individual and how it helps in keeping an individual both physically and mentally fit and also helps in improving the working in the office as sports promotes team spirit. He also congratulated the department for the nomination of former C&AG Vinod Rai for Padma Bhushan.

Sudhakarrao Kohale, MLA Nagpur in his address welcomed all the participants from different states to the Orange City of Nagpur and wished them a pleasant stay. He also requested the players to enjoy the hospitality of Nagpur. He also congratulated .Dinesh Patil, IAAS, Accountant General for organising the tournament in Nagpur city.

Dinesh Patil, IAAS, Accountant General in his address assured Darda that we are organising such tournaments to keep the backbone of the IA&AD fit and strong. We would strive to improve our performance in the interest of the country. He appealed all the participants to enjoy the game in the true spirit irrespective of the result.

In the First match between A.G, West Bengal, Kolkata(Winners of East Zone) and A.G. Kerala, Thiruvanantapuram (Runners of South Zone), A.G. Kolkata won 3-1. In the First Half, Skailine, through a superb goal opened the account for A.G. Kerala in the 25th Minute to make it 1-0 for A.G. Kerala, but their joy’s were short lived as a classy pass from Manish Mathaini, of A.G. Kolkata, after dodging two A.G. Kerala defenders to Pradeep Mohanraj who nets the ball in, to equalize the scores 1-1, in the 37th minute. Half time Score read 1-1. In the Second half, A.G. Kolkata, took the lead in the 46th minute when a Pradeep Mohanraj received the ball from the right flank to thump in his second field goal to make the scoreline 2-1 in favour of A.G. Kolkata. In the 57th Minute,A.G. Kolkata consolidated the lead when Salil, got a ball in the D from the right corner to make it 3-1, in favour of A.G. Kolkata. Full time score read 3-1 in favour of A.G. Kolkata.

In the second match, between A.G. Chandigarh, Punjab (Winners of North Zone) and A.G. Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior. A.G. Chandigarh won 6-3 via tie breaker. Full time Score 2-2. In the First half, Nikhlesh Rajak of A.G. Gwalior after dodging two A.G. Chandigarh defenders and goalie coolly passed the ball to Sunny Das, who had just to push in the ball in the open goal to make it 1-0, in favour of A.G. Gwalior. Half time score read 1-0 in favour of A.G. Gwalior. In the second half, keen tussel was witnessed between the two teams to get the possession of the ball. But Amandeep Singh of A.G. Chandigarh, got the equalizer in the 51st minute to make it 1-1. Five minutes later, A.G. Chandigarh shot into lead via a field goal through Simranjeet Singh to make it 2-1, in favour of A.G. Chandigarh. But, A.G. Gwalior equalized through a superb goal from Nikhlesh Razak, his second goal of the match in the 76th minute to make the score 2-2. Full time score read 2-2 getting the game into tie breaker. In the tie break, A.G. Chandigarh converted all their shots, via Sehajpal Singh, Amandeep Singh, Randeep Singh and Deepak Kumar, but A.G. Gwalior, could convert only one through Faij Ansari, while Shibu Mathew and Vishal Chahar failed. Final score was 6-3 in favour of A.G. Chandigarh.

In the third match, between A.G. Tamilnadu, Chennai (Winners of South Zone) and A.G. Assam, Guwahati. A.G. Tamilnadu,Chennai won 2-1. In the first half, Thomson Gongthosa of A.G. Guwahati romped home a goal in the 22nd minute to make it 1-0 in favour of A.G. Guwahati. Half time score read 1-0, in favour of A.G. Guwahati. In the initial minutes(46th), into the Second half, D.Jaffer of A.G. Chennai pumped in the equalizer 1-. In the 74th minute, Kaliaaluddeen of A.G. Chennai got the better of opponent defenders to score a superb goal to make it 2-1, in favour of A.G. Chennai, which proved to be the winning goal to lift A.G. Chennai into the semifinals.

In the last match, between A.G. Maharashtra, Nagpur (Winners of West Zone) and A.G. Delhi. A.G. Nagpur won 5-4 via tie breaker. In the First half, Sumit Pundir of A.G. Nagpur converted the penalty kick, earned from a hand ball by the opponent defender in the D to make it 1-0 for the hosts. Half time score read 1-0 in favour of A.G. Nagpur. In the second half, both teams fought hard to score but it was in the 76th minute , when A.G. Delhi got the equalizer through a field goal by Kulbhushan. Full time Score read 1-1. In the Tie breaker too scores were level as each team converted 3 goals each for the allotted 5. For A.G. Delhi, Saurabh Patra, Ajay Bartwal, Kulbhushan converted while Dheeraj Jangpangi and Ankit Sharma didn’t. For the hosts, Sumit Pundir, Anirban Paul, Francis David converted while Atif Akhtar and Shoeb Rizwan didn’t. The score at tie break was 4-4. The match went into sudden death. For A.G. Delhi, Birendar Bhakuni took the first shot, but the ball hit the goal bar and rebounded. But, Naqueeb Akhtar, Jr. placed the ball perfectly to give A.G. Nagpur a berth in the Semifinals where they will be meeting A.G. West Begal, Kolkata.

Semifinal Fixtures: (on 28.01.16)
Ist Semifinal: A.G. Tamilnadu, Chennai v/s A.G. Punjab, Chandigarh (12.30 pm)
IInd Semifinal: A.G. West Begal, Kolkata v/s A.G. Maharashtra, Nagpur (2.30 pm)