Published On : Thu, Jun 4th, 2015

A contractor gets boating-contract at dirt-cheap rate

The issue gets dislodged from proceeding-book of ZP

Nagpur: A gross financial irregularity is reported in the purchase of boats for water-tank belonging to Koradi Devi Temple tourist centre. Thanks to the political pressure, despite all tall claims of sincerity and transparency made time and again in the functioning of local Nagpur district planning and development committee (NDPDC) under the jurisdiction of the CEO of Nagpur Zilla Parishad.

It is learnt that NDPDC had sanctioned the required fund for development of Koradi Temple area under the tourism development scheme of Sate Government of Maharashtra.

A fund of Rs 54 lakhs was sanctioned for purchase of boats and related amenities in the temple area. As many as 27 boats of small and large sizes were accordingly purchased, but without  any technically expert opinion. As a result, what to talk of 27 boats, even 10 boats cannot be rowed at a time. It is just because the span of the tank is not sufficient to accommodate the boats.


It is alleged that along with the boats even their engines too have been doubly purchased, doubtfully surfacing a gross financial irregularity in the purchasing process. Sources further alleged that the attempts were made to politically pressurize the Nagpur Zilla Parishad CEO just to finalize the boating-contract in favour of a member of Mahadula Nagar Parishad, Ram Todwal, who happens to be a vocational partner of a political heavy weight.

But, as the attempts failed, the political heavy weight, bypassing the jurisdiction of Zilla Parishad CEO, and also disallowing the Koradi Gram Panchayat, secretly managed to get the contract finalized in favour of Ram Todwal through Kamptee Gram Panchayat, at the dirt-cheap rate of Rs one lakh per year, payable to ZP.

On the other hand, the concerned Gram Panchayat in association with Machhimar Sangathana had submitted a proposal to pay Rs 10 lakhs per year to the Zilla Parishad if the contract was given to them. The irony of the political game is that Ram Todwal, since obtaining the contract on May 22, 2015, is earning at least Rs 10,000 per day from the vocation of boating, which amounts to about Rs 40 lakhs per year while he would pay mere Rs one lakh per year to the ZP.

In this regard, Nagpur ZP member Nana Kambhale had tabled the issue before the standing committee meetings of ZP called in the months of April  and May this year, alleging that a rampant corruption had been committed, and so the contract must be terminated. He also demanded that the ZP must personally issue a fresh tender and ask the bidders to pay at least Rs 10 to 15 lakhs per year to the ZP. Unfortunately, the ZP administration even after hot discussions on the subject totally dislodged the issue from its proceedings- book.

It is allegedly said that the ZP administration has bowed down to political pressure. The height of administrative submissiveness is witnessed in free-of-charge lodging allotted to boat-workers at a room located in Shri Kshetra Ram Mandir in the Koradi Temple premises.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )