Published On : Tue, Feb 10th, 2015

A clean sweep for India’s Common Man

AK-1New Delhi.

The astounding news is already out. It is not just a psunami, a tidal wave or a ‘mood swing’in favour of a particular political party. The results of these elections are
beyond politics or politicking. They are a sign of things to come – a clear message that people in India are finally speaking up and speaking out.

They do not want divisive politics; they do not want a ‘Hindu Rashtra’, they do not want Minorytism or Majority domination; they do not want to be manipulated by caste, sub caste or even CLASS. They want Rule of the people, for the people and of the people – common people, not some select Business Houses, not the already haves, but all inclusive growth. Posterity will look back at this day as India winning its second war of independence – and for those observing world trends will notice this phenomenon is sweeping right across the globe.


But coming back to hard news and to Delhi – each and every psephologist has been proved wrong because no one, NO ONE foresaw the 60 out of 70 seats that AAP has claimed and that BJP would be down to 9 or 10. And that Congress would be 0.

“BJP half – Congess Saf” was the AAP war cry. Well, BJP is not just half, it is 1/3 rd of what it was and Congress not just ‘saf’ it is non existent.

As someone said tongue in cheek – people of Delhi have taken Modi’s “” Safai abhiyan” very, very seriously: they have voted in the jhadu and the first thing they have swept
out is his Party and its style of politics that sought to divide and rule the nation. Pander to the Majority and frighten the minority into submission. Five churches vandalized in Delhi in two months; the entire ‘Hindutva might ‘unleashed on the streets of Delhi and the carrot of ‘ghar wapasi’dangled for the other trouble- some minorities. Ordering of fresh investigations into the ‘Sikh riots’ of 1984 – well, even the Punjabis and Sikhs were not bought over by that!


Why look at others? Even the BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi and its other important leader Mukhi who thought the CM’s chair belonged to him have been swept out.

As Shazia Ilmi, fresh out of the AAP and into BJP had to aknowledge “it is a marvellous victory. It is grand victory”.

A swing of 25% + towards the winning party ; a vote share of 52% +, not just reclaiming all its old bastions but winning over areas that were never their’s – outer Delhi; heart of Delhi; New Delhi; Old Delhi – every part of Delhi has been captured. Muslims , Dalits, Jats, Rajouris – and yes, the Upadravi gotras – the Agrawals and the Baniyas all have gone with AAP.

Was it just a co incidence that yesterday apart from Delhi elections the other big news was disclosing of hidden accounts in Swiss Banks by India’s who’s who?? And the share market showing panic reactions plunged 500 points?


We think not. We think that the Writing is on the Wall for those who want to read it – what the people of India have voted for, what they want – is progress and prosperity for THEM; not an insidious kind of development that is supposed to trickle down from the top down. They want it to begin from them – not end at them after the Big Cats have had their share.

This has not been a victory for the Aam Aadmi Party. Let Kejriwal make no mistake – this is a victory of the Common Man – period.