Published On : Sun, Sep 6th, 2015

915 Dengue larvae found in Hanuman Nagar zone, 728 in Laxmi Nagar

Nagpur: Dengue patients are seen less this year as compared to last year. But Nagpur Municipal Corporation”s malaria and encephalitis department has found larva of dengue mosquito in 3,649 houses in August month due to conducive atmosphere and negligence of people. Maximum larvae were found in 915 houses in Hanuman Nagar zone. One “Ades Egypt” mosquito of dengue gives birth to 1,500 mosquitoes. Due to this, Nagpurians need to remain alert and take preventive measures.

Last year, Nagpurains faced lot of trouble due to dengue disease. As many as 601 positive cases were reported. Maximum 385 patients were reported from September and October months of 2014.

This year 27 dengue cases have been found which are 2 in January, 1 in April, 2 in May, 1 in June, 9 in July and 1 in August months.
This number is very low in comparison to last year. But maximum cases were reported in September and October months of 2014 due to which it is necessary that citizens should take initiative to take preventive measures otherwise there are chances of dengue outbreak.

2,38,179 houses inspected in Aug
Malaria and encephalitis department inspected 2,38,179 houses in August month. Dengue mosquito larvae were found in 3,649 houses. Maximum larva were found in 915 houses in Hanuman Nagar zone followed by 728 in Laxmi Nagar zone, 513 in Nehru Nagar zone, 409 in Dharampeth zone, 223 in Asi Nagar zone, 281 in Lakadganj zone, 190 in Mangalwari zone, 168 in Dhantoli zone, 163 in Gandhi Nagar zone and 59 in Satranjipura zone.

Maximum cases in 4 to 15 year age group
Maximum dengue patients in 2014 were in the age group of 4 to 15 years. 384 positive cases were reported. There were 55 boys and 34 girls in 0 to 4 year age group, 131 boys and 93 girls in 4 to 8 year age group, 115 boys and 55 girls in 8 to 15 year age group and 64 men and 54 women in above 15 year age group.

Nagpur Municipal Corporation”s malaria and encephalitis officer Dr Jayashri Thote said that dengue mosquito lays eggs on clean water due to which their growth is very rapid and number of patients go up. Inspection of houses is going on to curb dengue menace. Larvae of dengue mosquitoes are found in water accumulated at various places.

If every citizen cleans house once in a week and clean water tank with detergent and bleaching powder, keep sand for some time, growth of dengue mosquito will be stopped.

Zone-wise dengue mosquito larvae found in houses

Zone Number of houses

Hanuman Nagar 915
Laxmi Nagar 728
Nehru Nagar 513
Dharampeth 409
Asi Nagar 223
Lakadganj 281
Mangalwari 190
Dhantoli 168
Gandhi Nagar 163
Satranjipura 59