Published On : Wed, Jan 14th, 2015

90 years of Nagpur station Building


Nagpur Railway station, one of the oldest and busiest Stations of Nagpur was inaugurated in its present from on Jan 15th 1925 by the then Governor Sir Frank. So by that calculation it will be 90 years old tomorrow. This grand structure was built from red stone brought from Saoner. The tall columns and pillars add great beauty to the building and it is considered among the most beautiful built by the British not only in India but all over the world.

Nagpur being at the heart of India has always been a significant station. Today 92 mail/ express trains and 182 goods trains pass through it everyday. It is the H.Q. of two Railway divisions: Central Railway and South Eastern Railway.

Another interesting fact is that though this building will be 90 tommorow a Railway station at Nagpur has existed since 1867, 40 years before India gained independence. An important train from Nagpur to Calcutta was started in 1881.