Published On : Mon, Aug 27th, 2012

Men and Grooming


It really does pay to look good, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Its all about taking that little time off your busy schedule to make that effort to look good as you prepare yourself for the next day at work or to go on for a date or whether u have to be up for a conference or a social party. The time taken to groom may just prove the ideal thing to boost your appreance

Men should look good too; even though there are some men who would rather die but will never admit they use products that allows them to look good and enhances their personality


The Products Available For Men

There are a number of products for men’s grooming, than ever before. If you go through the fastest and the widest means of communication the internet you will find a heap of products that endorse these product which provide you the latest creams, latest technology pertaining to Men’s grooming as once they are through it the results can be seen later on in their lives, however it is all fine to buy these product sometime or the other, but you really need to be able to maintain it out how to use them. Seems as though men generally do not know how to pamper them, below are a few tips on how to start the art of pampering.

Feeling Grey?

Some men like to go grey naturally, but ditching that grey hair can make your years a bit longer and thus helping you look younger for many a year to come. There are many color kits available in the market that help your cause, if your mustache and beard is turning grey there is also a just for men kit for that as well. So there is no excuse for those stray grey hairs anymore!

Going Bald?

One of mans biggest cosmetic fears includes baldness. So when some men actually do start, they prefer to just cut it short or shave the lot off. This is down to ones choice, and it is all down to feeling brave enough to experiment with changing your look every time you see something that fascinates you. This may include a bald look, a short spiked hair or various styles that attract a lot of attention.

Trim Any Unwanted Hair

These days with the men making the effort to look good the trend that has come up with the ever in creasing numbers of actors in the film industry are that they flaunt their body with no hair on it this concept has changed the face of men’s grooming .those days were different when men thought that hair on the body gave them that masculine effect so today’s men are all about trimming their body hair. Today’s world of men’s grooming have come up with various products that enable you to remove those unwanted body hair to give you that perfect state of satisfaction.

The products include:-

  1. Hair removal creams.
  2. Hair removal kits that include:-razors, trimmers etc.

Your skin needs to breathe.

Pampering and taking good care of your skin is a vital routine men need to follow as it is not women only but for men also. The over exposure of your skin towards the sun may result towards some bad consequences that result to formation of wrinkles, skin roughness to the more dangerous causes like skin cancer. Protection of skin requires daily attention and a little bit of time. The routine may include washing of your face, applying moisturizer to help protect your skin and to help soothe any razor burns.

Oops we forgot the Hands and Feet!
The exclusion of your hands and feet inside the men’s grooming has always raised a debate but it should be included in the routine or men’s grooming section.
The odder that occurs from the feet are a major concern and also more of embarrassment for the male audience. If this problem is not taken care of for a certain period of time this may result to infection which perhaps will then be required to be treated by the doctor. The only way to eradicate the problem is to scrub your feet from time to time and also not to wear wet socks or shoes as they also cause to this problem. The insertion of a pair of odour eaters insoles into them, or use a foot odor spray may help eliminate bad odour.

Creased clothes? The iron concept went missing!

There is something very few people know as to how they can avoid creasing of clothes:
The tips goes like this as soon as the clothes comes out of the dryer hang them on a hanger as to avoid them to crease . This tip always works if you want to impress opposite sex by your dressing sense!
Overall, looking after yourself need not be left out and you shouldn’t be shy about it! Most men in this day and age actually buy pampering products and take time out to look after themselves, even if they do not admit it! There is nothing to lose and no one comes to know about it after all its all about impressing the opposite sex so go for it


It’s never late to start!

By Marcelo Azavedo