Published On : Mon, Aug 27th, 2012


Monsoons are always fun. But along with the fun, they bring in rampant fungal infections and water-bourne diseases like jaundice and diaorrhea.
The water lying around makes it easy for mosquitoes to breed and icreases the risk of mosquito-transmitted infections. Thus, it becomes quite important to be extra cautious during the monsoon and maintain a healthy regimen. So, today we give you a list of must-do practices in order to remain healthy this monsoon.
Monsoon diet tips. Avoid consuming fruits and veggies without washing them thoroughly. In order to stay away from bloating, avoid deep fried, heavy and salty food items. Avoid drinking water right from the tap. Make sure you boil your drinking and cooking water or rely on a good water-purifying system for your daily needs. This will keep you away from seasonal infections. Avoid eating out as much as possible, and especially avoid drinking juices and milkshakes outside.
Health and hygiene during the monsoon. Avoid getting drenched in the rain as it can lead to fungal infections easily. Don