Published On : Thu, Aug 30th, 2012
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7 Important Resume Tips You Should Always Remember

7 Important Resume Tips You Should Always Remember


Resume writing worries a lot of job seekers and they never understand what they have to write. That worry simply indicates that you have got to genuinely devote some time to writing the resume, so you can make it attention-grabbing and stand out in the crowd  of all the other jobseekers behind you. There are some key tips that you can always stick to so that you don’t get distracted or confused while trying to create an impressive resume.


Here are the seven tips that you should keep on top of your mind .


#1. Maintain Positivity.

First and foremost, you need to write it positively. It’s OK if it’s really taking a long time to find a job. That means you need to change or modify your job search strategies and your resume to some extent. However, the resume that you make should never reflect any kind of negative feelings. Don’t ever speak negative about your previous employer, boss or hiring manager in the resume. It really kills the entire character of the person.


#2. Focus on Readability or Visibility.

Readability doesn’t only include the language that you use on the resume, but it also includes the font size, font face and colours that you use. The main point isthat  you need to make the resume appear good to the eye. If a resume is not very readable, employers might skip some essential pieces of information which you wanted them to know and this might harm your chances just because you didn’t make it visible and thus it doesn’t offer them the ease of reading.


#3. Back Up Your Claim with Real-Life Examples.

It’s quite easy to make claims. You might have great potential. But the employer might not just believe it unless you can prove it. If you are listing a couple of strengths or unique talents on the resume, do remember to support them with real life examples that enhance your chances more. If you can do it, you’ll have maximum chances of attracting a potential employer’s attention.


#4. No Personal Information, Please!

That’s exactly how you’ll make employers feel if you write about your ethnicity, religion, family etc. That’s a total let off in your resume. Employers are really not interested in these things. By writing these things, you’ll only waste the reader’s time, divert their attention from the main topic and make your resume lengthier and boring.


#5. Proof-read Several Times.

Never think that you’ve created a perfect resume or written a resume that’s completely error-free. It’s normal to make a couple of errors here and there. The best idea is to get someone else from your circle of friends or colleagues to proofread the resume for you. This will help you big time as you will be able to know the gaps in the resume.


#6. Don’t Copy.

This is one of the biggest mistakes that many jobseekers commit. To save time, they’ll just search the internet and copy a format that they can find. Or else, they’ll just apply the same style or format that their friend’s resume has. Avoid such habits. To get a job quickly, you must set yourself apart. Use the available formats for the research part instead and sit calmly and write your resume as it states about yourself and not your friend.


#7. Don’t Forget the Purpose.

What’s the main goal of resume writing? It’s to attract the employer and force them to invite you for a job interview. This purpose should always remain in your mind while you complete the resume. A well-written resume is that which immediately sells you to the employer. So, be sale-able.

Always remember your resume represents you but it isn’t the most important thing in your job search. Your confidence, attitude and self-belief is what you need to take care of.

Have confidence in yourself and rest will follow.

Happy job searching.

By Marcelo Azavedo