Published On : Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

4,000 children across the state rescued by ‘Operation Muskan’


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Nagpur: As many as missing 4,296 children have been rescued in the state of Maharashtra during July 1-31, 2015 under ‘Operation Muskan’ launched by police department across the country. In this search operation Mumbai police being on the lead, Nagpur police is trailing the rescue-score.

Though 4,296 missing children in the state have been recovered, the police department had received the complaints of only 785 children registered as ‘missing.’  There were no police complaints about missing of 3,511 children, Of all the rescued children 3,860 have been restored to their parents.

The search operation was conducted jointly by police administration, non-governmental organizations, media services and social workers. All these institutions had intensively searched railway stations, shelter places, religious places, hospices, fly-overs, roads, ST bus stands, traffic signals, bazaars, big bungalows and the places where children could likely to be employed.

It was found during recovery drive that many children runaway from their houses for a variety of reasons, and some times they are kidnapped. Thereafter, many of them keeping begging alms, and they are forced to work, and even sexually harassed. Such missing children, whenever found by self-interested citizens, are lodged in orphanages, temples, Ashram Shalas, private houses and Balgruhas. Under police initiatives, all such children were searched and restored to their parents.

The police succeeded in recovering 715 boys and 1,187 girls missing between 2012 and May 31, 2015. The top-five police drive launchers in this regard  include Mumbai Railway, Nagpur City, Buldhana, Thane Rural and Solapur City.