Published On : Tue, Jul 27th, 2021
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4 Best Online Casino Sites in India that are Legal


When it comes to online casinos, people do have a very misconstrued opinion about the same, especially when it comes to the concepts and the overall trajectory it goes in. In India, about 80% of people have at least once gambled in their life. This goes to make people believe that gambling and casino games aren’t a far-fetched concept. It is just that people are either doing it unofficially or not from the right platforms. You need to invest your time in platforms that don’t just offer free spins but are reliable too.


Following are some of the best online casino sites in India that you can consider investing in.


Wheelz Casino


If we had to choose one of the best to mention at the top, Wheelz Casino takes the cake. Aside from the amazing and intuitive UI of the website, the one other thing that stands out is the welcome bonus that you get with a new registration. If luck is on your side, chances are that you wouldn’t have to beat around the bush much and get your hands on your first win. The entertaining and immersive graphics of the website is pretty amazing, not to mention that you have access to a diverse game collection as well.


PariMatch Casino


If you are particularly looking for some free spins and bonuses, PariMatch is a good Indian casino website for you to look into. It appeals to the Indian players straight away, especially with the selection of games that are available on the website. Also, like the previous one, even this one offers a pretty hefty welcome bonus that you can cash in. The best thing about Pari Match is the fact that it caters to the budget of every gambler, be it a rich one or one-time investment.


Mega Rush


Take note of the name of this website because it is going places. Ever since its launch, this online casino website has evolved and grown from being a small platform to an extensive one. If you are looking for a platform to play live betting in, Mega Rush is a pretty amazing option for you to look into. The live dealer games are pretty fun and interactive for you to play, meaning that you will have fun while braving through each bet.


Royal Panda


When it comes to online casinos, everyone is sceptical about investing in one because of the complexities of payments. With Royal Panda, you wouldn’t have to worry about the same at all. The platform is known for integrating easy banking options so you can spend your money and eventually win and withdraw from them too. Every single transaction is safe, and you have a wide range of games to choose from and play from.


If you are looking into ways to starting your online casino journey in India, these are some of the best websites to start with. We’d always recommend that you do your research first, find the option that works the best for you, and then move ahead with the same accordingly.