Published On : Thu, Dec 15th, 2016

3rd OCHRI series of 10 back-to-back Cochlear Implant Surgeries successfully undertaken

: Orange City Hospital and Research Institute is regularly conducting Cochlear Implant Surgeries to provide much needed advanced succor to needy children who are unable to hear from birth. Parents of children born with hearing defects have a new ray of hope. Such hearing-impaired children in the city and region now look forward to this new bionic-ear-implant which not only allows them to hear but also speak normally. The implant, an electronic device, helps patients pick up auditory signals by stimulating the hearing nerve.

The surgeries are conducted at OCHRI by Padmashree Dr. Milind Kirtane assisted by Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar and Dr. Sameer Choudhary. This is a dream project of Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar which was commended by Chairman of Ravi Nair Hospitals Private Limited Udaybhaskar Nair who understood the sufferings of hearing impaired as his sister is also hearing impaired.

Hence he named OCHRI Cochlear Implant undertaking as Project Geeta in her name. TATA Trust and Maharashtra Chief Ministers Office also provides grants for this noteworthy OCHRI project since the implant is too costly at the rate of Rs.6,00,000/- (Rupees Six lakhs).

Director of Accreditation & Grants-RNHPL Dr Vidya Nair is single handedly reaching out to various other philanthropists and sponsorship agencies of India and abroad so that more and more needy children of Vidarbha can be provided this advanced technological life changing benefit. She coordinates with all stake holders for smooth execution of this undertaking. 2 series of 10 back to back surgeries on a single day have already been successfully undertaken at OCHRI under her supervision assisted ably by Manjiri Damle.

Yesterday i.e. December 14, 2016 the 3rd series of ten Cochlear Implant surgeries were successfully conducted on a single day by OCHRI Cochlea Implant Team. Parents who had lost hope looking at the exorbitant cost of implant were thankful to TEAM OCHRI, TATA Trust and Chief Minister Office for delivering this boon to their kids. Dr. Milind Kirtane commended the well-coordinated service of Anesthetists, OT Nursing and Paramedical staff at state of art futuristic operation theatre complex of OCHRI which led to successful conduct of these 3rd series of ten back to back surgeries.

Director (Administration) of OCHRI Dr.Anup Marar conveyed that in this 3rd series of 10 back to back Cochlear Implant Surgeries of the total 40 done so far at OCHRI, following children from various parts of the state got benefitted.


S.No.          Name                                      Age/Sex      Area            Audiologist

1        Yashmit Devendra Kapse                   5.1yrs/M      Nagpur       Dr. P.Shende

2        Arav Vitthal Mane                    3.3 Yrs/M    Latur           S. Dake

3        Subodh Suresh Salve                2.3 Yrs/M    Beed            S. Dake

4        Sharmila Maroti Walage                   3.3 Yrs/F     Latur           S. Dake

5        Akshara Girish Kharabe          4 Yrs/F        Nagpur       Dr. A. Disawal

6        Mohit Padmakar Bramhankar 3.4 Yrs/M    Nagpur       Dr. A. Disawal

7        Siddhesh  Rajesh Mehar          3.3 Yrs/M    Nagpur       N. Somani

8        Pranjali Sudhakar Kapgate     3.11 Yrs/F   Bhandara   N. Somani

9        Vaibhavi Dilip Wadshinge       3 Yrs/F        Amaravati   V.Hiremath

10      Karan Atish Yadav                             6 Yrs/M       Akola           V.Hiremath


On behalf of OCHRI family, Director-RNHPL Dr Usha Nair complimented Dr. Nandu Kolwadkar Convener-Cochlear implant division, Dr. Sameer Choudhary-ENT Surgeon, Dr. Kuldeep Sukhadeve-Pediatrician, Dr. Smita Harkare, Dr. Anita Pande, Dr. Sweety Pasari-Anesthetists, Dr. Ashish Disawal, Dr. Naziya Khan, Dr. P. Shende, Neelu Somani, S Dake and Vishal Hiremath- Audiologists, Dr. Milind Pande- Pathologist, Dr Raju Khandelwal- Radiologist, Dr.Sandeep Kharode, Dr. Kavita Dhurve, Dr. Anit Prakash, Dr. Priyanka Wankar, Dr. Noorul Ameen, Sunil Sure, Sister Ambika Nair, Sister Kavita Bodile, Sister Kavita Godphode, Manjiri Damle, Vishal Kapse, Pankaj Wadaskar, Ganesh Iyer, Avinash Ganar and Umesh Bhoyar who led respective teams for this well-coordinated success.