Published On : Fri, Dec 9th, 2016

3 Yuva Swabhiman Sanghatana Activists storm Assembly despite heavy security

Three volunteers of Ravi Rana’s party took police by surprise and shocked onlookers – mostly media people – when they stormed the assembly(upper House) building making demands for more bonus for paddy farmers of the state. They were demanding Rs. 500 bonus at least.

Police apprehended them and have detained them for questioning. The concern here is how these three men could get inside the Assembly premises undetected and succeed in storming the Vidhan Parishad despite heavy security? Why was the large police contingent found unprepared?

Speaking to media about the incident later MLA, Ravi Rana, founder of Yuva Swabhiman Sanghatana bemoaned the fact that only issues like demonetization were being taken up in the Assembly and issues of farmers were being completely neglected in the Nagpur session. He demanded that paddy farmers be given bonus of Rs. 500 at least.

He also said that if farmers continued to be overlooked more would come into the Assembly and make their feelings known.

Two of the men detained are said to be Tokesh Hirankhede and Jitesh Rane of the Yuva Sanghatana.