Published On : Thu, Jan 21st, 2016

3 minor kids abducted from different areas

Nagpur: Three minor children, including two boys and a girl, were reportedly kidnapped from different areas of the city in the past 24 hours. The two boys went missing after a morning walk and the girl dod not return from her college. A massive search has been launched to trace the missing kids.

In the first incident, the two minor boys Lacchu Krishanlal Sawai (15), resident of Katre Layout, Gulmohar Nagar and his friend Rohit Atmaram Gillore (15), resident of Laxminagar, left their homes in the wee hours of Tuesday for a morning walk. However, both the kids did not return home even after lapse of considerable time setting panic in their families. The relatives of Lacchu and Rohit searched at possible places to locate them but to no avail. Finally, a missing complaint was lodged by Krishanlal Sawai with Kalamna police.

PSI Bhagile, in accordance with the Supreme Court order that if any minor boy or girl goes missing, then the case should be treated as that of kidnapping, registered a case under Section 363 of the IPC and has mounted a massive hunt to trace the kids.

In another incident, a 15-year old girl, resident of Panchpaoli, left home around 11 am on Wednesday saying she is going to college. But to the shock of her family, she did not return from college. The panicky family searched her at college, friend’s house and at other places but failed to find her. Finally, a complaint was lodged with Panchpaoli police in this regard.

API Keche, following the Supreme Court directives, registered a case under Section 363 of the IPC and launched a search to locate the girl.