Published On : Sun, Apr 2nd, 2023
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2nd April 2023- World Autism day

On the occasion of autism day, my-self Dr. Pranita Nitnaware (practising paediatrics occupational therapist) likes to pen down few of my experiences along with the fact that….

Autism is not a disease instead,


According to DSM5 criteria it is neurological disorder-
It is difficult for a child with autism to live life, rather lead their life in a normal pattern as a normal human does due to numerous misconceptions among the society in regards to autism. It has been observed over years that due to lack of awareness and acceptance among parents, family and society the child with autism is not been diagnosed within time, which ultimately hampers the crucial time of development leading the independency and future of the child in danger.

*following are few of the signs and symptoms of autism:-
1. lack of interaction
2. lack of communication
3. limited interest in play
4. meaningless pattern of play
5. Playing any 1 type of play in repetitive form eg- aliening objects
6. been into his own world
7. light /touch/smell/ audio / taste using these sensory system in a very sensitive manner
8. not able to copy or imitate other kid’s / people
9. verbalisation development/ speech development very slow or delayed
10. speaking in a repetitive format / repeating same words , sentences
11. looking specific part of the object via various direction eg- wheels of car than using the object(car) as a whole
12. difficulty in adapting and adjusting new places
13. Difficulty in accepting routine change and change in environment
14. Very limited or no general understanding
15. Using of hands in an inappropriate manner
16. No to un-sustained eye contact
17. Hyperactive
18. Frequently hitting head on hard objects eg- cupboard/floor/wall

Henceforth these are few chunks of autism, if within time diagnosis is done and treatment is started in an appropriate manner then the child can become independent and liveable in the family and society as of other members do.

Likewise it is said that an educated woman in the family can educate the whole family in the same manner any 1 aware person about autism among the family can educate and make aware about autism to the entire society which in turn can help many families and parents to bring their children out of autism depending totally upon the appropriate treatment plan..
Spread awareness to help all.

Dr. Pranita Nitnaware B.O.Th(GMCH, Nagpur) Occupational Therapist and Paediatric consultant
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