Published On : Tue, Jul 5th, 2016

22 black cobra snakelets rescued to safety in Umred near Nagpur

22 Black Cobra Snake
A full grown family of black cobra including 22 snakelets sent a mixed wave of fright and anxiety among the people of village Amboli in Umred tehsil on Monday. This dangerous species of snakes were found scattering in numbers which drove the villagers to hit panic button as they gathered at the spot.

The female black cobra was identified along with her snakelets while cleaning

Many were of the view that all the snakes should be killed as they feared the snakelets would creep into their houses. However many others pressed for their protection and hushed them away to safety. Later a villager named Rahul Bhoskar informed sarpmitra Sunil Kanchne who rushed to the spot and rescued all the snakes and later released them into nearby Lohara forests.