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    Published On : Thu, Dec 31st, 2015

    2015 Revisited: Events that took Nagpur by surprise & shock!

    Nagpur.The year bygone took Nagpur by surprise with its own share of highs and lows. As the New Year begins, Nagpur Today takes a reverse journey into the year 2015 and find out how it fetched for the citizens of Nagpur. To begin with, we start with two remarkable victories on various fronts, of which one can be easily termed as the biggest win while another appeared to be the easiest of all! And yes we have one such victory registered which is undoubtedly one-sided!

    So let’s travel back in time and explore more about Nagpur in 2015!

    Rajesh Gavre

    Rajesh Gavre

    Sabse Badi Jeet
    In what could be termed as sheer luck, the NMC Teachers Association polls yielded strange results. Rajesh Gavre-backed Shikshak Aghadi Panel pocketed 21 seats out of 25 total seats. The Lok Kranti Panel, backed by Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar Tiwari, had to be content with just 4 seats. Sources claimed that before the NMC Teachers Association polls, Rajesh Gavre had approached the Mayor and the Ruling Party Leader and had proposed that let us have this polls with understanding where some of your candidates are chosen and some of ours are chosen. However, both the Mayor and the Ruling Party Leader refused and had very confidently told him that just as we had ousted your panel from the Bank polls, we will oust all the members of your panel from NMC Teachers Association polls too. Rajesh Gavre then went to seek the help of Congress Leaders Rajendra Mulak and Vikas Thakre. They too refused any help to this panel. This led him and his panel to fight the polls independently and win he did.

    Girish Vyas

    Girish Vyas

    Sabse Aasan Jeet
    In the month of December the Member of Legislative Council elections for Nagpur District were held. Surprisingly no big-shots or reputed leaders stood for the MLC polls from the Congress Party. Those who did file their candidature namely Ashok Singh Chauhan was asked to withdraw at the last moment on the directions of State President of Congress Party MP Ashok Chauhan. While directing the candidate Ashok Singh Chauhan to withdraw, he did not take the consensus of the local Congress leaders. This resulted in the local leaders becoming unhappy with the State President of Congress Party. This however led to BJP party candidate Girish Vyas of to be elected unopposed and without having to spend even a rupee on the campaigning and other expenses. This can be also seen as a gift from a Senior leader of the party to Girish Vyas since he was in the waiting list for the last many years.

    Rajendra Mulak

    Rajendra Mulak

    One-sided victory!
    Many political leaders surrendered under pressure, duress or directives. In the city, during the Member of Legislative Council elections, the last MLC in this category whose term has now come to an end is Rajendra Mulak. He is a leader of the Congress Party who is financially and politically strong. Sources claimed that three months prior to the MLC polls, he had allegedly approached BJP leaders for candidature from BJP. However, they rejected his offer. When he did show interest to contest from Congress party, the local leaders from Congress party vehemently opposed his candidature. When no leader was ready to contest for the MLC polls, because this election is said to usually incur huge expenses and where there is no guarantee of winning the polls. Then the leaders of Congress Party from Delhi, Mumbai and Nagpur urged Rajendra Mulak to contest the MLC polls. However, he refused to contest the polls talking it an ego issue. This was one reason where this MLC polls was an one-sided victory

    Nuptial [email protected] 50!
    One of the noted Educationists of the city and one leader who has traversed many political parties but now in Shiv Sena got married at the age of 50 years. He is none other than Kiran Krishnarao Pandav. The marriage was conducted and celebrated in a grand fashion in Goa. His close friends and relatives were taken on his expenses to Goa. During and after the function, his friends and close associates which include very prominent persons including Educationists, Political Leaders, Businessmen and his Childhood friends, from the city were seen enjoying themselves thoroughly. An MMS or video shot on the mobile is slowly becoming viral in the city which shows how the friends, relatives and guests were totally drunk and dancing away with carefree attitude.

    spanco02102Electricity Bills gave more shock!
    The bills of power usage have suddenly started sky-rocketing. This was observed in the last few months only. The company that has the contract for power supply in the city has gained an ill-repute for mismanagement, foul-ups, cheating, and causing ever so many problems and harassment to the power consumers. The Company is none other than SPANCO. During the last regime, three BJP leaders including Chandrashekhar Bawankule, Vikas Kumbhare and Krishna Khopde used to vehemently oppose SPANCO quoting or citing the problems of the power consumers. However, when they came into power, these leaders have got such a electric shock from SPANCO that they have decided to remain absolutely mum over the same problems and grievances of the power consumers. This makes it clear about how well connected and powerful the company higher-up of SPANCO are! They seem to be having a strong hold over the political leaders and their Electricity Department/ Ministry too.

    mlc-election-maharashtra-nagpurVotes on Sale??
    The Member of Legislative Council Elections which was held in the month of December saw a lot of enthusiasm among those who had filed their candidature. The reason was pretty clear. Around 500-600 voters were involved in this polls. This means that votes are bought or sold during these MLC polls. Rajendra Mulak won the seat by a margin of 2-4 votes. Last time while BJP was in the majority yet the candidate from Congress party won the polls. This time round during the MLC polls, the voters were expecting to get lakhs of rupees from each of the Candidates. Sources claimed that per voter may get at-least Rs 15-25 lakhs from both the candidates or political parties. However, since Congress party withdrew from the MLC polls and the candidate from BJP winning unopposed their dreams of making lakhs got shattered.

    hukka_1436300364Hung Decision on Hukka Parlours…
    According to reliable sources, many controversial businesses are blooming in the city. Sources claimed that it is more than a year now many controversial businesses are running under the garb of Hukka Parlours. Surprisingly even the courts, government machinery and the police machinery is in a dilemma. No firm guidelines exist to control, prevent or monitor the running of Hukka Parlours in the city. Using some vague rules of Food Joints, these Hukka Parlours are doing a brisk business. Sources claimed that more than two-dozen Hukka Parlours are doing business in various areas of the city. Wherever these Hukka Parlours are running, they are said to running till wee hours of the day. One more glaring fact that has come to fore is that many minor and youth (both male and female) are falling prey to this deadly habit. Sources added that right from normal fruit flavours to psychotropic drugs are smoked in these parlors. This is perhaps the only business where one gets to earn a lot in least amount of investments. Most businessmen who have invested in these Hukka Parlours have minted huge sums in this business.

    gangster Raju Bhadre (3)Raju Bhadre’s Surrender!
    Putting to rest, the apprehensions of the police, ill-famous gangster Raju Bhadre had surrendered himself at the District and Sessions Court on December 18, 2015.

    Last month, after being convicted in the Pintu Shirke murder case, Raju Bhadre was on bail. Sources claimed that when the bail period given to Raju Bhadre got over, he surrendered in the court. He is said to have surrendered in front of Justice Dixit having his Court in the fifth floor. Justice Dixit then granted him Magisterial Custody. Accordingly, Raju Bhadre was taken in heavy police escort to Nagpur Central Jail. Before taking him to the Central Jail, the cops took him to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (Mayo) for a medical check-up. Sources claimed that this surrender was a pre-planned event. Raju Bhadre is moving Supreme Court for acquittal in the Pinto Shirke Murder case. His Advocate is said to be a Congress sympathizer is also said to be a reputed Lawyer in Supreme Court. On his guidance and advice, Raju Bhadre had surrendered himself. Sources added that a senior Congress Leader of the city had only asked Raju Bhadre to hire the said Advocate. Sources close to Raju Bhadre claimed that money or finances are not an issue at all, all he is bothered with is that he should come out at all costs.

    Advocate Shrikant KhandalkarMystery ridden death!
    In a strange occurrence, the dead body of an Advocate who was missing for the past two days was found in the court premises on November 29, 2015.

    According to sources, the deceased Advocate is identified as Advocate Shrikant Khandalkar who was working with the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court.

    The body was found in a mysterious manner lying upside down. His pant was found opened. While some sources claimed that it could have been a suicide committed by the Advocate by jumping from the top of the District Court Building, many others have different versions. The body was found in the rear protion of the Court Building where parking of two-wheelers of Advocates are usually done.

    Sources also claimed that the deceased Advocate was famous for filling Public Interest Litigations (PIL) against many governmental and other companies. This death could have been a fall out of some PIL that he had filed.

    Compiled by Rajeev Kushwaha and Samuel Gunasekharan


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