20% commission for bringing patients: Ambulance operator lodges complaint against hospital

Nagpur: The dirty game of commission being played by private hospitals for looting helpless patients has come to the fore, once again, with unflinching evidence. Nagpur being the hub of medical facilities, hundreds of patients from nearby areas and other states, mainly Madhya Pradesh, come to city for better treatment. Taking advantage of this influx, private hospitals resort to dirty tricks to “fetch” patients by hook or crook. In this respect, a private hospital has been found facing the heat.

In the past few days, the city is agog with an audio recording between a bigwig doctor of a reputed hospital, coordinator and an ambulance operator has gone viral. In the audio recording, the doctor and coordinator are being heard offering 20 percent commission to ambulance operator if a patient is brought to their hospital. In the entire conversation, the doctor and the coordinator are talking of working at Green Care Hospital, Manewada Road.

The ‘talking’ doctor identifies himself as Dr Nilesh and the coordinator as Urvashi. The recording of the entire conversation was made viral by the ambulance operator named Rinku Ritesh Chaurasia and has also lodged a complaint with Madhya Pradesh’s Parasia Police Station in this connection. He has also forwarded the complaint to Chief Ministers of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Medical Council, MMC Mumbai and Family Welfare Board, Maharashtra.

According to Parasia, he renders social service by way of providing ambulance service. His “Jagte Raho” Whatsapp Group renders ambulance service on ‘No loss, no profit’ basis. A week ago, he received a call on mobile phone from hospital coordinator Urvashi. She ‘lured’ Parasia with 20 percent commission if a patient is brought to their hospital. Apart from commission, Urvashi also talked of Rs 10,000 cash.

She stressed that most of the patients are admitted in hospital. In this case, the commission money would run in thousands. When Parasia sought details, Urvashi facilitated talk with Dr Nilesh. The doctor also reiterated the commission offer. Dr Nilesh further informed Parasia that except for heart treatment, every other treatment is provided in his hospital. Taken aback by the ‘dirty offer,’ Parasia decided to lodge complaint with police and expose the commission business.

When contacted, the Director of Green Care Hospital Dr Anil Badwaik rubbished the entire allegations. “Our hospital does not indulge in such nasty acts. No such doctor and the coordinator named work in our hospital. There is no need for offering any commission for bringing patients to this hospital,” Dr Badwaik stressed and added that he has also lodged a counter complaint against the ambulance operator.