Published On : Mon, Jul 11th, 2016

17-yr old “kidnapped” girl tells her mom she is with a man in Chhindwara

: In an incident full of drama, a man hailing from Chhindwara reportedly kidnapped a minor girl from her house in Gittikhadan area on Saturday evening. Surprising the neighbours spotted the girl going with the accused man. More surprisingly, the ‘kidnapped’ girl phoned her mother and told her that she has gone with the man to Chhindwara. However, since the girl being minor, a kidnapping case has been registered by the police.

The complainant woman (45) told Gittikhadan police that she and her son had gone to their work places on Saturday morning leaving her 17-year old daughter was alone in house. But when they returned home in the evening, they found the girl nowhere. On being enquired, the neighbours told her that they spotted the girl leaving with a man around 6 pm. Later, the girl phoned her mother and told her that she has gone with the accused Dinkar Ramkrishna Wankhede, native of Jatalpur Linga, Tahsil Pandhurna, District Chhindwara (MP).

However, the girl being minor one, Gittikhadan API Darekar has registered a case under Section 363 of IPC following the directives of Supreme Court which says that if any minor girl or boy goes missing then the case be treated as that of kidnapping.