Published On : Sun, Apr 6th, 2014

17-yr old boy first threatens to kill minor girl’s mother & sister then kidnaps, rapes her; held

Nagpur News.

A 17-year old boy, with devilish designs, first threatened to kill a 15-year old girl’s mother and sister, kidnapped her and repeatedly raped from 1800 hours of 4.4.2014 to 0930 hours of 5.4.2014.

According to police, the fanatic boy (name withheld by police), residing under jurisdiction of Gittikhadan Police Station, was so influenced by sexual urge that he gave a diabolical shape to his plan. Accordingly, the 17-year old boy doled out threats to the 15-year old girl that he will kill her mother and sister if she failed to meet his sexual demand. And when the girl had gone to a mobile phone recharge shop in Gorewada in the late afternoon on Friday (April 4), the boy forcibly kidnapped her. After kidnapping the minor girl, the boy took her to Gorewada Crematorium and raped her. Not satisfied with sexual urge, the boy took the girl to a room in Godhni and raped her repeatedly. However, the girl later fought back and tried to foil the boy’s outrageous act. The girl’s reaction enraged the boy and he slapped her on face and hit a wooden stick on her hand. The girl anyhow managed to free herself from the clutches of the boy in the morning of Saturday (April 5) and narrated the incident to her relatives. The shocked relatives and the girl reached Gittikhadan Police Station and lodged a complaint against the 17-year old boy. PSI Bhaskar booked the boy under Sections 363, 366(A), 376(2)(I), 323, 506 of the IPC, Sub-Sections 4, 6, ofProtection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012, and Sections 3(1)(2-A), 3(11)(12) of Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and arrested the boy.


In another bizarre incident of rape, a man first covered his marriage, then promised marriage to an 18-year old girl, raped her for the past six months and finally forced abortion when the girl became pregnant.

According to police, the lewd accused Pankaj Ambade, resident of IC Square, MIDC, Nagpur, trapped an 18-year old girl with a marriage promise despite being married himself. The unsuspecting girl too fell in Pankaj’s trap. Taking advantage of the girl’s trust, Pankaj raped her for the past six months. But when the girl became pregnant, Pankaj forced her to undergo abortion. The cheated girl lodged a complaint against Pankaj Ambade with MIDC Police Station. PSI Kale has booked Pankaj under Sections 376, 420 of the IPC and investigating the matter further.

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