Published On : Mon, Nov 21st, 2016

13 year old Ajni boy commits sexual offence second time in 3 months!

sexual-offenceNagpur: A lewd 13 year old boy has led the society ponder over his sexual behaviour as he has committed serious sex crime not once but twice in 3 months. Earlier when he allegedly raped a minor girl 3 months he was let off after getting him spend some days at Bal Sudhar Gruha and and was released recently.

The accused minor, who lost his father some time ago, is notorious in Ajni for his criminal mentality. He has been caught many times harassing minor girls.

His latest victim, a 3 year-old boy, was playing marbles in front of his home on Saturday afternoon at 4.30 when the accused spotted him. He convinced the boy to accompany him to a nearby field to play the marbles. The boy’s mother was standing at the front door but the accused managed to give her a slip.

The accused violently forced himself upon the small boy in the field and mercilessly thrashed him for opposing. When he started crying loudly, the accused panicked and fled. His victim ran home crying and narrated his ordeal, following which, a complaint was registered with Ajni police. The accused has been arrested for unnatural sex, battery and intimidation.

According to information, after he raped his first victim, the accused also sexually misbehaved with other children of the locality. The children however kept quiet out of fear, which further emboldened the minor sex offendor.

The hands of police too are tied since the accused is a minor. Minor offenders are presented in front of Juvenile Committee (Bal Sudhar Samiti) and then the offender is sent to detention home. Since minor offenders cannot be kept in detention home for long, they lose the fear of law, as in recent case. PSI Sneha Lande is investigating the case further.