Published On : Wed, May 27th, 2015

12th Board 2nd topper Sudeepta Mukherjee steps forward to share her experience

12th Board 2nd topper Sudeepta Mukherjee steps forward to share her experience

Nagpur Today:

With a number of students having outperformed in their CBSE Class 12 (XII) Board Exams, the results of which were out on 25th May, Sudeepta Mukherjee, one of the second toppers stepped forward to share her views and opinions, and her journey to this step towards success. Sudeepta is from Centre Point School, Katol Raod, and she has scored 96.8%. When Sudeepta approached Nagpur Today to share her views, she answered a few questions raised as follows in a well defined manner-

Whom would you attribute this excellent score to?

I give the credit of my success to my parents, my younger sister and of course my teachers, without them it wouldn’t have been possible. I had scored 99.2% in my class 10 board exams so for me I was my own competition .The ‘will’ to outperform myself drove me ahead .My target had always been to do, if not better ,equivalent to what I had done before and though my score is below my expectations I am quite happy.

Hard work does pay. What special efforts did you take to achieve this wonderful score?

Along with hardwork, planning and making a proper schedule for studies is very important. I started studying from the very first day ,regularly went through what was taught in school and coaching every day, giving time to each subject, sometimes staying up late at night, sometimes getting up early in the morning, missing parties and socializing . At the end of the day no one is a born topper; hardwork is surely the key to success. With proper guidance and sheer dedication any one can do well in board exams

What are your hobbies? What do you do to get a break from your strenuous studies?

I love painting and have learnt many handicrafts like crochet, quelling, origami and quite amazingly the fifth subject that I took –engineering graphics, even that’s my hobby. I never took that subject as something academic. I often sit and draw various machine parts and car models. According to me drawing helps to relax and concentrate more. I can sit for hours doing engineering graphics, without getting tired.

What are your ambitions? Why?

I want to be an electrical engineer, following my father’s footsteps, who is an electrical engineer at Bhushan Steel. I always found machines, electrical and electronic devices interesting and there is even scope for developing many such useful devices.


What was the role of your parents and siblings in your success?

My parents and my younger sister definitely played a key role in my success, without whom I would’ve never been able to achieve what I did. My father stays at Delhi ,but provided constant guidance to me from time to time and my mother who has just recovered from an accident did all that was possible to help me and create a healthy environment at home for studies.

Did you take up any tuition for any subjects?

Yes I had joined classes for physics and chemistry and my tutors helped me a lot with it. I believe these are analytical subjects, and solving extra questions from various question banks helps you a lot. Either you do it at home or at school or at coaching doesn’t make a difference and if you are not unable to find useful points out of the bulk of thousands of such reference books, seeking guidance really helps a lot.

What would you advice your juniors?

My advice to my juniors is

‘Start your hard work from the very first day, do not procrastinate.

Whatsapp and Facebook are not just for fun and socializing. It can also be viewed as a virtual classroom where you can contact your seniors, teachers, clear your doubts and seek guidance from them, but don’t overdo it.

Do not overestimate or underestimate yourself both lead to loss of morale; positive attitude is really important. An average student who has worked hard day in and out with a positive approach, enjoying studies, a topper who has got into depression –obviously the average student will have a upper hand .This is the time to build up your career –there are other things that can wait. If you have it in you to perform better why not do it, rather than regretting after the results are out.

I am no one to give advices in this matter-every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Identifying them is very important and finally wishing everyone a great journey uphill to success.