Published On : Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

11 Questions that Kangana’s lawyer wants Hrithik to answer

Kangana and Hritik
In a recent advancement in Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut’s row, the latter’s lawyer has raised 11 questions for Hrithik and has asked for public explanation.

A few days back, leaked emails of Kangana Ranaut’s ‘desperate attempts to get attention’ were the talk of the town and she was coming across as a ‘one sided lover’. However, Rananut’s lawyer claims it to be a work of fabrication and further hacking.

Ranaut’s lawyer, Rizwan Siddiqui has asked following question to ‘Krrish’ star:

  1. When Hrithik Roshan’s reputation was at stake and he was accused of hacking Kangana’s emails and of being in a relationship with her, why didn’t he bother to find out what exactly was being sent to my client by his imposter?
  2. Why did he not bother clearing his name by immediately filing a complaint against the imposter, when Kangana was always ready to participate.
  3. Why did Hrithik filed a complaint belatedly without the knowledge of my client after almost 7 months, only after collecting sufficient one-sided unreliable and fabricated emails from my client’s hacked emails account/s.?
  4. Why did he lie to the police and media that he gained knowledge of an imposter from his fans and from people within the Industry, when he was dutifully required to name my client in the complaint as was suggested by her through her sister?
  5. Why did he not authenticate these (circulated) emails with my client when he knew that her accounts were hacked and all emails received from her are legally, morally and ethically subject to verification ?
  6. On what grounds does he claim that any fabricated email received by my client’s hacked account is genuine and on these basis what is he trying to prove to the world ?
  7. Why did he lie in his notice that he does not know my client socially at all ?
  8. Why did he file a proper FIR against an imposter only after my clients emails were hacked and all material were deleted from her accounts? Why was this FIR not made at the right time under Section 154 of CRPC when it was actually and legally required ?
  9. Why does he not want my client to obtain a copy of the FIR which was filed belatedly by him ? Why is he pressurizing her to record statement with the Police without asking any questions and exercising her rights ?
  10. Why is he desperately wanting a clean chit in the matter and does not want the police to file an investigation report.
  11. Why is he circulating a private cyber forensic report to the world, despite knowing that this report is legally unacceptable and absolutely useless.

Let’s wait for Hrithik Roshan’s turn now!