Published On : Fri, May 2nd, 2014

15 kids suffer suffocation as chlorine content in swimming pool gets accidentally increased at Umred

swiminig pool hadsa2Nagpur News.

Children enjoy swimming during summer season. They are often found in swimming pools in their area. However, on Friday May 2, 2014, the scene at the swimming pool in the WCL Colony in Umred changed into one of panic as many children started falling sick. This incident occurred when accidentally the quantity of Chlorine was increased in the swimming pool water.

According to sources, as usual, around 15 children had gone for swimming in the pool. At that very moment, the official who reads the chlorine content in the water came to check the chlorine content. Accidentally his hands fell on the knob controlling the chlorine input and a heavy amount of chlorine go mixed in the swimming pool water. The children were feeling difficulty in breathing and were feeling suffocated. Some of them also vomited. Seeing the condition of the children deteriorating, 8 children were admitted in the Rural Hospital at Umred. Around 7 other children were brought to the Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur for treatment.

Carelessness of trained and experienced personnel

It could be mentioned here that the Chlorine content of the swimming pool is regularly checked. Well trained and experienced personnel are appointed for this purpose. However, this kind of mishap clearly shows carelessness on the part of the employees. Their carelessness could have resulted in the death of the children too.

The Umred Police has registered a case and investigating further.