Published On : Fri, Sep 18th, 2015

10-Day Lord Ganesh Festival turns more joyous as Mahalaxmi Puja begins on Sept 19

Lord Ganesh
Nagpur: The blissful, ecstatic and Divine atmosphere marking the 10-Day Ganesh Festivity being celebrated would turn more joyous as the 3-day Mahalaxmi puja, too, arrives with Vighaharta. The Mahalaxmi puja begins on the third day of the Lord Ganesh festival i.e. from Saturday. The traditional and ancestral three-day Gauri (Mahalaxmi) puja has now assumed bigger dimensions with families giving the homely touch to the festivities, which bring many families together for the celebrations. Legend has it that Mahalaxmi arrives with Her Family to Her “Maheri” or “Maika” (Mother’s home) for three days in a year. The festival has a bigger social dimension than a religious one and thus it is not restricted to any particular caste. The scale of celebrations in

Vidarbha is much larger than in any other region of Maharashtra.

Notably, the traditional 10-day Ganesh Festivity and 3-day Mahalaxmi Puja being celebrated at the Mahal residence of Shrimant Raje Mudhojirao Bhonsale have completed glorious 307 years. Both the festivities are being celebrated at Senior Bhonsala Palace (residence of Bhonsale) since the year 1708. The celebration in 2015 marks the 307th year. Mahalaxmi Puja at Raje Bhonsale’s residence is the first one to be celebrated in Nagpur. Since 1708, the puja is being celebrated uninterruptedly. The Mahalaxmi at Raje Bhonsale’s residence is also called Royal (Shahi) Mahalaxmi. The ancestral old ornamental adorned silver Mahalaxmi and other idols are being installed this year too as per the traditions. Similarly, Lord Ganesh idol of the same colour and size since being installed from 1708 is also adoring the residence of Raje Bhonsale in this year’s 10-day festivity. This special and specific Ganesh idol is brought in a palanquin and taken out for immersion in the palanquin. Amazingly, the Ganesh idol is prepared by generation after generation of Darlinge family since the year 1708. Ganesh idol of Raje Bhonsale’s residence is immersed on Dashmi and this year the Dashmi is coming on September 23. The immersion procession will begin at 4 pm.

Goddess Mahalaxmi
The devotees have been requested to have darshan and blessings of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Mahalaxmi on September 20 from 5 pm to 10 pm and on September 21 from 4 pm to 10 pm. Legend has it that Lord Ganesh and Goddess Mahalaxmi of Senior Bhonsala Palace bless the devotees who pledge and perform religious rituals accordingly.