Published On : Sun, Aug 2nd, 2015

10 cringe-worthy pranks that’ll make your friends hate you this Friendship Day

Have a friend whom you love like a limb? Is your relationship slightly on the non-conventional I-know-you-mean-no-harm-even-if-you-eat-my-favourite-food side? If your answer to both the questions is yes, then you’ve landed at the right place!

With Friendship Day almost here, we bring to you a list of pranks all set to make make your bond with your best friend stronger and downright awesome.

Give your friends some reasons to not bathe, with this gory little trick

Have a friend who is obsessed with Snapchat? Just send them a snap saying, “What was that behind you?” Knowing that they can’t see their snap again will mess up with their head

‘Sherlock’ feels, anyone?

 Friend who’s always stealing your Oreos? Not today. Replace the cream in the biscuit with some old faithful Colgate

Chocolate coated candies for your BFF? Just that the candies beneath the chocolate layer, are in fact, onions

Replace the contents of your friend’s body lotion bottle with mayonnaise and watch them pamper their skin, like literally!

Know a friend who takes too long to bathe? Confuse them by painting their soap with a layer of nail enamel