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    Nagpur Khasdar Krida Mahotsav

    India’s First Multisport Grassroot Festival

    The Khasdar Krida Mohtsav- to be promoted as chak de, Khelo Nagpur Khelo- is country’s first multisport festival, which provides a platform not only to the fitness enthusiasts and amateur sportspersons but also to the professional players of Nagpur to showcase their talent in a competition format at the grassroot level. The Khasdar Krida Mohtsav is a brainchild Of Hon’ble Union Minister Shri Nitinji Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of Government of India. The inaugural edition of this historic event will br played across all corners of Nagpur from May 6 to 26 and the 20 day sporting extravaganza carries a prize money od Rs. 62,82,200 The event will attract a participation of over 25,000 sporting enthusiasts of the city where around 294 events at 31 different venues both in the individual and team sport are scheduled to be organized. Around 1,500 referees will officiat the 4,643 expected matches where 288 trophies and 2,285 medals will be up for grab for the sportpersons. Beside, many individual awards will also be given away during concluding ceremony. In the team event, a best player of every match will also be rewarded for the individual performance. The game that would be part of the inaugural edition comprise of football. Kho-kho tennis ball cricket(men), tennis, basketball, carom, skating, athletics, swimming, volleyball, badminton, hockey, chess, kabaddi, table tennis, cycling, girls cricket, wrestling, body building, and walkthon. The chak de, Khelo Nagpur Khelo, Khasdar Krida Mohtsav is in fact a unique sports festival – Of the nagpurian, By the Nagpurian & For the Nagpurians. Around 30,000 sporting enthusiasts are expected to be part of this event and all the sportspersons, officials and volunteers will be provide participation T-shirts and Caps. All the matches are slated to be played after the sunset and temporary floodlights will be arranged for the same. The approximate expenses to organize this 20-days, 20 game first-of-its-kind event will be around Rs. 6, 19,99,725. After the grand concluding ceremony on May 26 where prizes will be distributed for all the individual and team events, Walkthon – an event for the fitness enthusiast – will be conduct on May 27. The prizes of walkthon will be distributed on the same day.

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